Q/A with Phillip Merrick, Chairman of VisualCV

art_merrick_t25.gifWhat is VisualCV?

Phillip Merrick: VisualCV.com is a new approach to creating and sharing resumes over the Internet. The VisualCV comes alive with informational keyword pop-ups, videos, pictures and social networking. We believe VisualCV will revolutionize the entire career management process, from job seeking to professional networking and hiring.

What problem is it fixing?

Phillip Merrick: Jobseekers want a better way to stand out. Currently, when they post their resume on job sites, they get lost in a sea of resumes. And companies need a tool to make recruiting more efficient, less time consuming and, ultimately, more successful. If you are a developer, VisualCV gives you a safe and secure way of sharing code samples with a potential employer. If you are a salesperson, you can use the video capabilities to highlight your presentation skills. For employers, this can simplify and shorten their screening process.

Why did you start VisualCV?

Phillip Merrick: My friend Clint Heiden— the founder of the recruiting firm, The Heiden Group—

approached me with the initial idea and I thought it was genius. Clint and I have been executives, entrepreneurs and jobseekers ourselves. Between us, we’ve recruited thousands of professionals. We found the entire process inefficient and frustrating, not only for us, but for the candidates.

So is the VisualCV replacing the resume?

Phillip Merrick: It is indeed. The resume is an outdated, broken tool. We’re replacing this broken, 20th Century tool with the robust recruiting tool of today and the future: the VisualCV.

Are you a web 2.0 company?

Phillip Merrick: VisualCV is using web 2.0 technologies to bring the power of the Internet to the resume.

Who is your primary target: job candidates or recruiters?

Phillip Merrick: Both. The VisualCV, by allowing candidates to put their work samples and other validated materials into one document, gives them the opportunity to stand out. And, in a complementary way, the VisualCV gives the recruiter the advantage of learning more about the candidate in advance of the interview; serving as a proxy for the first interview. This saves time and money. It makes for better hires, better matches. Everyone wins.

How is this different than what is already out there?

Phillip Merrick: We don’t believe anyone out there is doing what VisualCV is doing. Social networking sites, like Facebook, offer social opportunities. Job sites, like Monster, allow candidates to post their resumes; but without any tools for standing out. VisualCV marries the best aspects of social networking sites and traditional online recruiting sites. The VisualCV includes a complete portfolio that gives a picture of the candidate with more depth, breadth and substance than anything else out there.

What is the plan for the company?

Phillip Merrick: We launched the company on February 11th. We hope to recruit millions of jobseekers and thousands of companies in the next year. Our goal is to make the VisualCV the new gold standard for job seekers and recruiters.

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