Jeff Handy of Fulcrum IT

Jeff Handy of Fulcrum IT - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Jeff Handy of Fulcrum IT - top government contractors - best government contracting eventAs president of Fulcrum IT Services Company, Jeff Handy oversees the company’s growth in the technical services arena. In the following Q&A, Handy talks about Fulcrum’s long-term growth initiatives on behalf of defense, civilian, intelligence and commercial customers.

What is your background?

Jeff Handy: My personal background is engineering. I started at the Naval Research Laboratory and moved to operational technology as I assumed executive level positions.

You used to be president of GMRI, now you are President of Fulcrum IT. How did that take place?

Jeff Handy: GMRI had a rich 18-year legacy of product reselling. I came on board to help with the transformation toward IT and professional engineering services, which was my personal background. After a few years of that, we divested of the product business through an asset sale including our name, thus we renamed the remaining professional services business Fulcrum IT Services Company. The name was chosen by our employees.

What is your focus now?

Jeff Handy: It is the application of IT and engineering services in vertical markets, primarily in enterprise outsourcing, web enablement, data management and IT security.

What are some of the hot trends that will impact your customers and company?

Jeff Handy: We are seeing a lot more outsourcing, especially the IT security, as well as a lot of mission data consolidation and engineering. We are seeing that happen in a lot of organizations.

Are you tracking the Web 2.0 space in the government?

Jeff Handy: Certainly, we generally want to be on the leading edge of technology.

What are your top priorities eighteen months from now?

Jeff Handy: We are looking to expand our presence in the defense and intelligence communities. They provide a broad area of opportunities, so we want to grow our presence and deepen our portfolio strengthening our branding in government IT across the region.

What is your biggest challenge?

Jeff Handy: Prime opportunities. Following divestiture of our products business we are smaller and the current trend of large IDIQ's and bundling have made it difficult for small to mid-sized companies who are not competing as small or disadvantaged. We have been growing over 20 percent per year and will continue to do so, but will have to be very selective on what we pursue as a prime.

How much of your business is in the federal government?

Jeff Handy:
We are 100 percent federal government, but 60 percent is in the defense sector and the remaining 40 percent is in the civilian sector.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Jeff Handy: Collaborative. We have a family-oriented culture and very inclusive on what everyone can contribute.

Are you looking at acquisitions in growing your company?

Jeff Handy: We always have an eye toward non-organic growth, so we are looking at it later in 2008 as a compliment to our strong internal growth.

What will the company look like in three years?

Jeff Handy: The geographic expansion in southeast and perhaps on the west coast, as well as more vertical integration of our core capabilities with client missions.

How has your approach changed now that you do not have a product piece of the business?

Jeff Handy: Certainly, it is a different model. Products had a short business cycle, where the services business focus is on solutions. Thus the biggest change is the focus on our business development and program management processes.

What is something people are surprised to learn about the company?

Jeff Handy: We had a service business that was mingled with our products business. It was never communicated well. For example we had a personnel management system for the Army we developed, deployed to over 200 sites worldwide and maintained those systems for seven years. We also had many IT services that were associated with products business.
What is something most people do not know about you?

Jeff Handy: Interesting question. I think it would be my passion for gardening. My wife and I spend most weekends working in our yard.

Interview with Jeff Handy conducted by JD Kathuria

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