Competing For Your Vote

In addition to the endless media attention to every aspect of the presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin voters are being asked to make other critical decisions on change and on market leaders. Below are three decisions voters will make this season:


Google’s new “Chrome” browser vs Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer version 8 vs Firefox version 3. You can read Walt Mossberg’s opinion here.

Cell Phone OS

And for you cell phone users, TechCrunch reported that Apple’s iPhone operating systems is adding 800,000 users/week vs the current leading cell phone operating system called “Symbian” which is owned by Nokia. You can vote with your fingers.


Car makers are scrambling to unload gas guzzlers and bring smaller cars to market. How small is small enough?

Been There Done That on October 15th

In a rare appearance, come hear Bob Coleman, President of Mantech give his thoughts on the landscape of the federal contracting space and tell his story on October 15, 2008. Past speakers have included Joe Kampf, Bahman Atefi, Jack London, Renny DiPentima, and Donna Morea. This series, titled “Been There Done That” will honor his lifetime achievement in building and running one of the most successful companies in the DC area. Click here to register.

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SBIRS GEO-5 Satellite Lockheed Martin

Lockheed-Made SBIRS GEO-5 Satellite Set for Launch Next Year

Lockheed Martin has announced the launch readiness of an upcoming military space satellite designed to provide missile warning via infrared technology. The company said Wednesday its fifth Space-Based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite or SBIRS GEO-5 is set for flight in 2021, following the satellite's completion in October this year.


Parsons Announces New Products for Cloud Native Streaming

Parsons has unveiled a new series of cloud products designed to help government and commercial customers process large amounts of data while ensuring lesser infrastructure costs. The company said Wednesday it will offer cloud native stream platforms to deliver the scalability needed to maximize cloud resources.


Bitglass Gets FedRAMP OK for Secure Cloud Access Offering

Bitglass has earned a certification under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program for a platform developed to protect any interaction between devices, applications, on-premises resources, infrastructure and web destinations.