Northrop Grumman’s Linda Mills aquires local satellite firm 3001

Linda Mills, recently promoted to run Northrop Grumman IT, has made the strategic acquisition of a local geospatial firm 3001, run by Bart Bailey and owned by CM Equity partners.

3001 International, provides airborne imaging, mapping, surveying and geographic information systems for domestic and international government intelligence as well as geospatial data production and analysis.

 Obama’s Technology Plan

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will be speaking at the Potomac Officers Club in October on Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s technology plan. This topic is of great interest to those that sell technology to the government and are also looking for insight into those technologies that the democrats will be driving in the near future. This event is made possible by Microsoft.

Tired of your old Blackberry? Here is the new blackberry flip phone. Tired of the old Bill Gates? Here is the new Bill Gates who has traded in Steve Ballmer for a new sidekick, Jerry Seinfeld.

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Blue Origin

Blue Origin Launches 14th New Shepard Mission With Updated Crew Capsule

Blue Origin, a space company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, used a capsule with updated crew systems during the company's 14th mission with the New Shepard rocket. The updated capsule featured new push-to-talk communications systems, noise reduction tools, cushioned wall linings, environmental systems and a crew alert system, Blue Origin said Thursday.


Teledyne Subsidiary to Produce Additional Navy LCS Missile Defense Modules

A Teledyne Technologies subsidiary has secured an $18M contract from Northrop Grumman to manufacture four more missile defense systems for the U.S. Navy's littoral combat ship mission package.


Lockheed’s Orion Spacecraft Concludes Assembly, Testing for NASA’s Artemis Mission to Lunar Orbit

Lockheed Martin has sent the Orion capsule to NASA’s exploration ground systems team for final preparations ahead of the unmanned Artemis I mission to lunar orbit that will launch later this year. The spacecraft concluded assembly operations and testing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.