Rep. Tom Davis Interview: Why I support Keith Fimian

Rep. Tom Davis Interview: Why I support Keith Fimian - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Rep. Tom Davis Interview: Why I support Keith Fimian - top government contractors - best government contracting eventFor nearly 15 years, we’ve known him as a friend to the Washington, DC area business community. In that time, Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA-11th District) has led one reform after another of the federal government's procurement system and made Northern Virginia a boomtown for high-tech government contractors. By bringing jobs to the area, saving taxpayers money and fueling job growth in Northern Virginia, Davis has become a champion leader for government contractors. In just a few short months, Davis will step down from his congressional seat “” and is supporting Keith Fimian as his successor. In an exclusive interview, Davis tells us why the business community will find a friend in Fimian, too.

You’ve been a great friend to the government contracting community. Can you provide any insight as to why Keith Fimian would also be a strong supporter?

Rep. Davis: He started his own business. Keith has built the business from scratch, he had to make payroll, he understands what the private economy is like. He has the natural instincts of anybody in government.

How do you perceive that business background to be an asset in Congress, especially these days?

Rep. Davis: The opposite of government contracting is labor based, it comes from the labor unions. The union's federal employees put a lot of pressure on members of Congress to stop outsourcing so they can do this in house. When we do this in house that means more federal workers will get more opportunities to become members. Keith would be absolutely immune to these type of pressures.

What does the local government contracting community need from their congressman specifically?

Rep. Davis: I think we need somebody who understands the business, somebody who understands the intricacies of competitive sourcing.

Can you give us some idea of the personal strengths or qualities that you know of that will serve Keith Fimian well in Congress?

Rep. Davis: Keith is the holder of over 50 patents. He is a CPA by training so these are unique skills you do not find among people in government and Congress. It will help diversify the government community to have someone with his background.

Interview with Tom Davis was conducted by JD Kathuria

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