Boeing Beefs Up Cyber Presence

boeingOn Monday, Boeing announced that it had signed a deal to buy Fairfax-based eXMeritus, a producer of secure information sharing hardware and software.  This builds on last years’ purchases of Digital Receiver Technology, Ravenwing and Kestrel Enterprises.  Also, on June 9 Boeing Intelligence and Security Systems (I&SS) demonstrated its cybersecurity capabilities in its Arlington facility, the first public demonstration of Boeing’s Security Monitoring Infrastructure System (SMIS), watchdog software that detects and reports network anomalies for context-based situational awareness, and its Common Open Research Emulator (CORE), a “cyber range” training platform for virtualized virtual warfare and testing.

Jerry Agee, former 4X24 member
Jerry Agee

Jerry Agee to Head MBDA’s US Presence

Jerry Agee, presented at at the Paris Air Show as the new CEO of MBDA’s foray into the US market.  Jerry is the former head of Northrop Grumman and has held his new post for just two weeks. “MBDA Inc has been in existence for around 10 years,” he commented. “What is changing is the strategy and the emphasis that MBDA is putting on the US market.”

DynCorp Wins $915 Million Iraq Aviation Contract

Falls Church-based DynCorp International won a contract worth up to $915 million from the State Department for aviation and aviation support services in Iraq.  CEO Bill Ballhaus said, “This award is a tremendously important opportunity for DynCorp International to support the safety and security of U.S. diplomatic personnel serving in Iraq.  It’s an honor to contribute to our government’s efforts to promote peace and stability in Iraq.”

Web 2.0 Branding

I stumbled across this bit of social commentary on YouTube the other day.  It’s funny, but it’s true.  A new ad agency seems to go bankrupt every day, and with the market for traditional media drying up fast, it seems like there are no guides left to navigate the complex process of establishing and maintaining a brand.  The good news is the demise of “those big up-front guys” means that advertising will become increasingly democratized, meaning that the notion of Madison Avenue (and its hefty price tag) will be replaced by smaller players bound by readily-available tracking of advertising’s effectiveness (Google analytics, et. al.).

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Former L3 Exec Richard Hunter Named EaglePicher Technologies CEO

Richard Hunter, formerly president of L3 Technologies' defense electronic systems division, has been appointed CEO of battery  manufacturer EaglePicher Technologies. He will oversee the delivery of battery products that are designed for aerospace defense and health care applications, EaglePicher said Wednesday.

FBI Issues RFI on IT Architecture Modeling, Project Mgmt Tools

The FBI has posted a request for information on software applications designed to help users create information technology architecture models and map a portfolio of IT projects.

Retired Lt. Gen. Kevin McLaughlin Joins Tyto Athene Executive Advisory Board; Jeff Murray Quoted

Tyto Athene announced on Tuesday that Kevin McLaughlin, a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general, has been appointed to the company’s executive advisory board. He joins Tyto Athene to assist in the growth of the company’s Department of Defense and cyber strategies.