Citrix to Improve Army’s Satellite Communications

Citrix Systems, Inc. has announced that the company’s Government Systems team has partnered with TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) on its Secure Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) Non-secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR) Access Point (SNAP) program for the U.S. Army. Specifically, Citrix® WANScaler™ will be incorporated into TCS SNAP Network Packages that support military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The U.S. Army Project Manager for the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (PM WIN-T) Commercial Satellite Terminal Program (CSTP) funds these contracts through the Army’s $5 billion World-Wide Satellite Systems (WWSS) contract vehicle, of which TCS is a Prime contractor. The SNAP Delivery Order includes options for approximately 1,500 terminals and supporting equipment to be deployed in various sizes and configurations over the next few years, along with up to 30 field support personnel.

Citrix WANScaler supports Space Communication Protocol Standards (SCPS) and uses flow control to seamlessly deliver data, eliminating latency, an issue that has plagued satellite communications in the past, and enhances the network delivery to the front lines. Improved satellite communications also helps the Army meet one of the goals in its CIO G-6 500-day plan: the delivery of seamless LandWarNet to soldiers.

Tom Simmons, area vice president for Government Systems for Citrix, said “with the help of Citrix and TCS, the Army can make better use of existing infrastructure, eliminating the need to build more satellites to improve front line communications – and that saves billions of taxpayer dollars.”  Michael Bristol, senior vice president of government solutions for TCS, added, “Citrix WANScaler is an integral part of our SNAP system, as its performance is closely tied to the seamless network optimization that WANScaler provides.”

Citrix WANScaler imparts to the TCS SNAP Terminals best-in-class application delivery and WAN optimization solutions that improves overall performance by 5x to 30x or more, which substantially improving productivity and reducing the cost of delivering those applications.


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