Former DHS Cyber Chief New CEO of ICANN: Beckstrom

images-18The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the appointment of  new CEO Rod Beckstrom late last week. Rod Beckstrom is best known for his position as US cybersecurity chief at the Department of Homeland Security and is co-author of The Starfish and the Spider, a book that advocates a mixed centralized and decentralized business sturcure. The former cybersecurity chief resigned in March of this year citing insufficient funding and lack of cooperation from certain government departments, naming the National Security Agency (NSA) in particular.

The non-profit ICANN oversees the world internet addresses and IP systems and manages domain names such as .gov, .com, .tv etc. ICANN is funded by the US Department of Commerce, giving the US sole oversight over ICANN; organizations such as the EU are calling for reform. As the new CEO of ICANN Beckstrom must also tackle the issue of creating new domain names with non-roman numeral IP addresses to become a true ‘international’ organization.

images-26The ‘father of the internet’ and Chief Information Evangelist for Google, Vint Cerf applauded ICANN’s choice of Beckstrom for CEO, “Rod Beckstrom is strikingly well-prepared to undertake a new role as CEO of ICANN. His experience in industry and government equip him for this global and very challenging job.”



Rod Beckstrom gave his view of the global internet after his ICANN CEO appointment, “The importance of the internet as a free-flowing source of information is being underscored right now by the events in Iran,“  “It shows the power of human expression through a free and open internet.“

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