Bill Ballhaus Continues Successes at DynCorp

Bill Ballhaus
Bill Ballhaus

Not only does DynCorp provide critical military infrastructure, they provide the human fuel.  An army marches on its stomach, and Bill Ballhaus and DynCorp will take on the Taliban by feeding and clothing a swelling number of U.S. troops in volatile Southern Afghanistan. This week saw the deadliest combat in the region since the Taliban was toppled in 2001, and the increased violence will bring more troops to the region, and more troops mean more business for DynCorp. How will DynCorp leverage these massive new contract awards into continued growth? Bill told ExecutiveBiz last month “Over the last year, we've doubled our liquidity. As a result, while our growth performance historically has largely been organic, we'll be looking over the next year or two to add acquisitions to our future growth profile. We'll specifically be looking at acquisitions as a way to address the strategic challenge of diversification.“ What gets a patriot like Bill out of bed in the morning? “Never before have I worked at a company that had such a dramatic impact as DynCorp International does serving shoulder to shoulder with our partners. That's why I come to work every day.” 

How do you Solve a Problem Like FISMA?

A recent GAO report cites 24 government agencies that have reported “numerous“ pieces of lost or stolen sensitive information, including personally identifiable information like social security numbers and addresses, which has exposed millions of Americans to a loss of privacy, identity theft, and other financial crimes,“ which is especially shocking when you consider that many of these agencies are Federal Information Security Management Act-compliant. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has called FISMA “outdated“ and “compliance-driven“ as opposed to “outcome-driven,“ a fundamental philosophy problem that causes government agencies to focus on administrative minutiae rather than real improvements to security. Will Kundra's plan to shift the government's focus from compliance to results? Time will tell.

Suzan Zimmerman






Suzan Zimmerman

Suzan Zimmerman of Qinetiq: Advice for Wartime Contractors:

  1. Be the Government's go-to source for your services.
  2. Back up your presentation with results.
  3. Lead with cutting-edge technology
  4. Put the government's needs first

With Qinetiq’s recent acquisition of cybersecurity firm Cyveillance, Qinetiq practices what Suzan preaches when it comes to staying on the cutting edge.

Was General Patton Assassinated?

A new book says he may have been.  Check out the story here and judge for yourself.

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