Larry Prior: ExecutiveBiz Exclusive Interview

Here’s a re-cap of a few executive transitions since early June: Larry Prior moved to ManTech, Walt Havenstein moved to SAIC, and Tony Zinni moved to BAE.  In his first interview since taking office, Larry Prior talked about his top priorities and how he’s furthering ManTech’s position as an ‘essential partner’ in cyber and national security. Here are some

Larry Prior
Larry Prior


Jim Moran on Cyber Threats

This was an eventful week for federal cybersecurity.  Melissa Hathaway has resigned as acting Cyber Coordinator, and the DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas took place.  We
Congressman Jim Moran
Congressman Jim Moran

spoke with Congressman Jim Moran on the subject recently, and here are the highlights:

Melissa Hathaway Resigns

Melissa Hathaway
Melissa Hathaway

Melissa Hathaway, Top 10 Beltway Game Changer to Watch in ’09resigned her post as current acting Senior Director of Cyberspace for the National Security and Homeland Security Councils.  Ms. Hathaway recused herself from consideration for the position of Cyber Czar two weeks ago, citing personal reasons.  She intends to continue her work in the interest of national cybersecurity in the private sector.

Hacker Conference Hacked by Spies

Jeff Moss, prominent hacker, founder of the BlackHat hacker organization, and member of the DHS advisory board on cybersecurity, hosted his annual DEFCON hacker convention in Las Vegas this week.  But when four “South Korean journalists'”  interviews did not cover normal topics for the conference, the four were escorted out of the conference. In fact, the Korean visitors were “intelligence gathering” individuals: spies. The incident comes after the July 4th distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) on U.S. and South Korean government and private computer networks.

India Emerges as GovCon Market

No, this isn’t about outsourcing IT solutions to India, but rather selling DoD and military services to India. India’s defense budget for fiscal ’09-10 will increase by almost 35%, in an effort to modernize its mostly Soviet-era materiel.  India will spend over $30 billion a year on defense for the next five years, and American defense contractors are leading the charge to strengthen America’s strongest and most populous ally in South Asia:

It seems like American money is making a round-trip, jetting to India through outsourced jobs and coming right back through defense contracting dollars (or rupees).

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