Director of National Cyber Security Center, Phil Reitinger, Outlines His Cyber Priorities:

Phil Reitinger, Director of the National Cyber Security Center outlined his priorities for securing America’s cyber assets in a recent interview with InformationWeek.  Here are the highlights:

  1.  Building Capability: “That’s primarily about people. I have some awesome people here at DHS; we have a great team, but we just don’t have enough of them yet…”
  2. Building Partnerships: “We’re defining our partnership models, making sure they’re as efficient as possible, that they let the private sector work effectively with us and as one, and we’re starting the process of developing a national cyberincident response process…”
  3. Building the “Ecosystem of the Future:” “Making sure that we’re building the Internet and the cyberinfrastructure of the future that will have the foundations of a more secure tomorrow…”
  4. Establish Cyber Metrics. “[Metrics] enable the people throughout government and industry to make better decisions about cybersecurity, so they don’t do this or that based on religion, but based on data…”
  5. Identity Management.  “If we’re going to allow people to protect themselves, they’re going to need to be able to make effective decisions about, do they want to communicate with this person or not, do they want to open this file, do they want to open this program, do they want to allow a machine to connect to their machine…”
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