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CSC’s Mike Gaffney: “Mantra will continue to be how to do more with less”

CSC's Mike Gaffney: "Mantra will continue to be how to do more with less" - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Mike Gaffney is president of business development for CSC's North American Public Sector business unit. Here's his take on today's business development environment for government contractors:

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ExecutiveBiz: In the midst of insourcing, what markets will you be pursuing more than others?

Mike Gaffney: Everyone has now recognized that cybersecurity has become one of the most serious threats to both public and private interests in the United States; we see that as an area with significant growth. Another area is healthcare IT. Despite the current debate on the Hill, we believe funding for information technology that enables improved healthcare processes will enjoy bipartisan support for the foreseeable future. Another area of focus is mission training. We think more training will be required to acclimate troops and forces to a new, more asymmetric warfare model.

ExecutiveBiz: Tell us about your cybersecurity work on behalf of federal agencies.

Mike Gaffney: CSC has an active role supporting Federal Government cyber needs and is at the forefront of providing critical cyber capabilities. We provide forensics and incident response training throughout the Department of Defense on behalf of the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy. We provide, through the Academy, training to companies that joined the Defense Industrial Base Pilot Program, an effort to safeguard Defense data used by the Defense Industrial Base.  Our professionals, including our global cyber strike team, provide Computer Emergency Response support to the US Air Force. We also provide cyber battle damage assessment to the Department of Defense. CSC was selected recently to design the new Department of Homeland Security Cyber Watch Center; we also provide cyber security services to other civil agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture. CSC experts provide vulnerability analysis and penetration testing for among the most security-conscious organizations in the Federal Government, reflecting the confidence Federal Government cyber officials place in our company. Finally, our cyber efforts are given high-level guidance by the Cyber Advisory Subcommittee of our National Security Advisory Group, consisting of former ASC3I Art Money, former Homeland Security Advisory General John Gordon, and General Michael Hayden, former CIA and NSA Director and Principal Deputy Direction of National Intelligence.

ExecutiveBiz: What specific projects do you have underway in mission training?

Mike Gaffney: As evidenced by key wins, our strategy has been rolling out well. We won one of the biometric operations and support services to the Army Biometrics Task Force contract, which will be one of the key vehicles for the DOD to acquire biometrics technology and services. Identity management, which falls underneath that, is an area we feel we have a real significant strength in now that we've won the vehicle. We also won another task order vehicle last year called Contract Field Teams. That was a key win for us; it expanded our capabilities in the logistics support area. Based on the Department of Defense budget, we feel the logistic support area will be strong for a number of years as we repurpose the force from Iraq and Afghanistan and rebuild and reset equipment.

ExecutiveBiz: What work do you have underway in healthcare IT?

Mike Gaffney: Earlier this year we were successful in winning a Medicare/Medicaid Information System job with the state of North Carolina. We process the Medicare/Medicaid and are the fiscal agent for the state processing all claims. That job is key to us moving from the federal to the state level in support of the healthcare mission for the United States. It's something we'll build off as we pursue additional work like this in other states in the MMIS field.

ExecutiveBiz: What can you advise other business development for gathering business intelligence?

Mike Gaffney: What did Yogi Berra say? You can learn a lot just by watching. You can learn a lot just by talking to people out on the delivery side of business. So, activate every part of the organization to be alert to what's going on in the business. It's also important to have a relationship with your opposite number, the hardware and software community. If you've got the Army as an account, get to know the vendors. You may hear things they don't hear as a vendor and they may hear things you don't hear as a systems integrator.

ExecutiveBiz: Any bets as to where the federal budget is headed?

Mike Gaffney: This environment is characterized by a lot of disruption. I think we're going to see a lot of disruption in the budget going forward, with programs like TARP, ARRA, and the refocusing of the defense mission. The mantra will continue to be how to do more with less. You've got to understand the mission, then tell the customer how you can leverage innovation so they can do better less expensively. For example, one of the big potential market changers is cloud computing.  CSC has been working aggressively in that field and is offering solutions around cloud computing both in commercial and the public sector.

ExecutiveBiz: What would you like to accomplish over the next 12 to 18 months?

Mike Gaffney: We're going through some really tough times in the economy and in the industry. That said, we've got a large pipeline of deals that we're in the process of qualifying and bidding. Seeing those move through the process into the win column is what I would like to see happen over the next year and a half.

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