HP Enterprise Services’ Andy McCann: Seeing results of strong win-loss program

Andy McCann is vice president and geographic sales leader for HP Enterprise Services. Here's his take on today's business development environment for government contractors:

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ExecutiveBiz: What best practices account for the increase in win rate that you've seen since 2008?

Andy McCann: We implemented a strong win-loss program in July 2008 with an internal steering committee that looked at our contract win track record. We dig in to understanding why we were successful or why we struggled, and then we use those lessons to improve rapidly. Risk and innovation are in our corporate DNA. With this focus, we are able to help talented government leaders appropriately balance risk to gain innovation for the public good. For example, the cloud services we support at DISA are leading the way for others in government.

ExecutiveBiz: How is the current insourcing discussion affecting your business development efforts? What markets are you pursuing more than others?

Andy McCann: We are very committed to the U.S. public sector market. And, like other sectors, government is aggressively solidifying areas of core competency and mission criticality. Government wants to become untethered from managing expensive, cumbersome overhead and infrastructure. This is a challenge we have a great deal of experience and success in addressing. Not only have we solved this for our own company, but we have helped market leaders in many sectors solve just this issue. And we can bring that insight to government. We live and deliver “everything as a service“ and optimize highly complex multi-supplier environments. This can contribute significantly to governments at all levels in delivering core mission capabilities.

ExecutiveBiz: What can you advise other business development executives to navigate the current environment?

Andy McCann: The number one thing is to stay close to the customer. This is a time of incredible challenge, and also incredible opportunity. So, helping customers face and creatively address those challenges is important. We earn the opportunity to offer a point of view through our reputation for excellence, diligence, reliability and candor   as well as a willingness to learn and share.  Do what you say you're going to do- fulfill your commitments and earn trust. As simple as that may sound it is key.

ExecutiveBiz: What are some key ways that you gather business intelligence?

Andy McCann: Often, HP Enterprise Services' executives and subject matter experts are invited to meet with government decision makers and other market leaders because we have a reputation for creativity and business insight. We are seen as having a deep understanding of the government customers' challenges. This creates opportunities to mutually develop fresh thinking and solve complex problems along with government and market leaders.

ExecutiveBiz: The flow of ideas between government and industry can sometimes be constrained. How do you deal with that?

Andy McCann: It's all about research, tenacity, and focus. We do our best to make sure we're keeping the flow of communications open. We need to understand our market and the challenges our government customers face. In such a volatile environment, that requires stick-to-itiveness. While there are significant and appropriate limitations on the interaction during a procurement process, there can and should be healthy communication beyond that. We are at an exciting point of change in governance, citizen engagement , and the role of government in our lives. And technological capabilities underpin and drive that change.

ExecutiveBiz: What's the most fulfilling part of your work?

Andy McCann: Being a part of such a diverse industry. While it has its challenges at times, I find the diverse and dynamic nature of the industry pretty enjoyable. The fact that I work in a fast moving technology industry combined with the experience of working with really talented people makes my job a lot of fun.

ExecutiveBiz: What can we expect next from your team?

Andy McCann: We're going to complete the integration at HP so that we can effectively bring the best services, products, and innovation to our clients. That will be key over the next 12 to 18 months. We'll also continue to attract and retain top performers. How? And how many?
We are going to continue forward helping HP establish ourselves as the leading information technology company in the world.  And be the best at helping our customers manage and transform their IT environments to optimize  outcomes; and be the provider of choice for solutions that support the missions of our clients in the Public Sector space.

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