Green Alternatives Awash in Red and Blue

Green Alternatives Awash in Red and Blue - top government contractors - best government contracting event

An unlikely power couple has emerged on the clean energy stage. And it’s been suggested that lawmakers take notice.

In a recent New York Times article, Texas and California were highlighted as important policy laboratories on the cutting edge of alternative energy in the absence of sustained federal action to support such efforts to fight climate change.

As the article points out, both states are striving to retain leadership in the energy industry and the subsequent economic sustenance such status brings. This means Texas must reduce its love of hydrocarbons and take to the wind, literally. In California, clean energy offers a viable insurance policy in case of a mid-1990s redo that results in the same economic peril.

Texas Governor Rick Perry challenges the Environmental Protection Agency frequently and recently branded the climate bill that passed the House of Representatives a “legislative monstrosity,” the Times story states. Yet the state has emerged as the nation’s top wind power producer. Texas has taken an interest in a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) program developed by AC Propulsion, an NSI client. The technologyprogram involves drawing excess power from electric vehicles plugged into the grid during peak demand.

In California, another NSI client has developed a wireless lighting controls technology that can be retrofitted in any existing building. Adura’s technology is frequently eligible for utility rebates that California and the utility programs there have pioneered – creating more rapid paybacks for those accepting the challenge to reduce energy consumption.

Clearly, despite the vast differences in Texas and California, it’s clear leadership in energy use and supply is the key to future economic growth for both. And the tale of these two states is proof that energy efficiency is truly a nonpartisan issue. Whether one leans red or blue on any given Election Day, green alternatives are the answer to an economically sound future.


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