Genachowski Praises Google's Broadband Offering

Earlier this week, search engine giant Google announced plans to conduct a high-speed fiber trial in select locations.

Google is asking cities and states to express interest in a fiber service capable of flowing at one gigabit per second. Richard Whitt, Google’s telecom and media counsel, said, “We’re excited to see how consumers, small businesses, anchor institutions, and local governments will take advantage of ultra high-speed access to the Net.”

Google said it does not intend to enter the Internet service provider market, but is merely looking to see what happens when high bandwidth is available. Google believes access to high bandwidth will help drive innovation.

“In the same way that the transition from dial-up to broadband made possible the emergence of online VoIP and video and countless other applications, we think that ultra high-speed bandwidth will lead to many new innovations,” Witt wrote on the Google Public Policy Blog.

Tim Bajarin, of Creative Strategies, said, “This is an experiment that is intended to see what people would do if they have 100 times the current speeds they have in downloads today.”

Julius Genachowski, FCC’s chairman, said:

“Big broadband creates big opportunities. This significant trial will provide an American test bed for the next generation of innovative, high-speed Internet apps, devices and services. The FCC’s national broadband plan will build upon such private-sector initiatives and will include recommendations for facilitating and accelerating greater investment in broadband, creating jobs and increasing America’s global competitiveness.”

The Computer and Communications Industry Association, said:

“The promise that this new Internet capability would operate committed to robust net neutrality and open-access rules is significant. Continued investment in broadband infrastructure does not require ending the open-access and neutral principles that have allowed content to compete on its merits and new applications and innovations to thrive.”

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