Cyber Bodyguards Set Up in Switzerland

Cyber Bodyguards Set Up in Switzerland - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Cyber Bodyguards Set Up in Switzerland - top government contractors - best government contracting eventIn an effort to meet the growing needs of business people, the Electronic Bodyguards Group has formed in Switzerland to help protect business people from privacy and security threats in the electronic sphere. The group, formed by Peter Houppermans, a security consultant who helped build the UK’s Government Secure Intranet, brings together a variety of experts to address the threats.

The group markets its offerings to companies but also to senior executives and VIPs and is centered on the top end of the spectrum.

“VIPs typically walk into a less secure setup as soon as they leave their office,” Houppermans said. “Bodyguards only look at perimeter, but the guy in the carpark with a laptop can pose a threat as can a lost BlackBerry that cannot be remotely killed.”

The group is also willing to perform investigative work.

“In security there are various networks and groups, I am part of a few of them,” Houppermans said. “That means I can cross check someone quickly.”

“The deal is collaborative marketing with a carefully selected set of people, all of whom I have to know personally before they become part of the group. I act as the client interface because I can quickly see which combination would be the perfect fit for the work, which also comes in handy to handle emergencies,” he said.

Each member of the team is highly experienced, with at least 10 years of experience in their field.

“I try to avoid too much capability conflicts, but I have a company of ex-police people who do very good anti-fraud and physical surveillance, a one group of white hat hackers, a business continuity firm who work for casinos and even Israeli banks,” Houppermans said. “If a company needs a combination of skills, I generally coordinate the work myself.”

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