Chopra, Schmidt Need Your Cybersecurity Ideas

Aneesh Chopra

Federal Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra and Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt penned a letter to the nation announcing the launch of a new forum aimed at gathering the best and most feasible cybersecurity ideas in the country.

“Comprising the broadband and wireless networks that connect us, the smart devices that enable us, and the digital information that informs and inspires us, cyberspace touches every part of our daily lives,” they write. “This includes enabling entrepreneurship through e-commerce, enhancing health care and education through online information technologies, achieving efficient energy use through smart grids, and many other uses.”

Yet, with that access comes the danger of cyber predators, and the government is looking for the brightest ideas to curb the danger of attack:

“In a challenge to the research and development community, the President's Cyberspace Policy Review (near-term action item #9) called for a strategy for new, game-changing technologies that give the advantage to beneficial use. This challenge complements and extends the call in the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI goal #9) for “leap-ahead“ technologies, strategies, and programs,” they write.

Already there has been success with the initiative and the forum will look to build on that.  The pair cited several good ideas have emerged from the National Cyber Leap Year.   There has been exploration into three initiatives: “systems that move in multiple dimensions to disadvantage the attacker and increase resiliency; security tailored to the needs of a particular transaction rather than the other way around; and a landscape of incentives that reward good cybersecurity and ensure crime doesn't pay.”

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