Meet Helene Fisher of ACS Federal Solutions

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Helene Fisher, who serves as Vice President of ACS Federal Healthcare. She discussed her top priorities, how colleagues would describe her as well as her hobby.

GovCon Executive:  Can you tell me what your duties entail as Vice President of Healthcare Solutions with ACS Federal Solutions?

Helene Fisher:  As the Vice President of ACS Federal Healthcare, I’m responsible for providing the operations and strategic leadership for our federal healthcare agency contracts.  We have work and pursue opportunities with Veterans Affairs, Military Health Systems, and Health and Human Services.  We also have health/social related work with the Department of Labor and with the Social Security Administration.

GCE:  How has it been since the merger and did you encounter any challenges?

Helene Fisher:  Since the merger with Xerox in February, it has been quite exciting here.  There is a sense of energy and a sense of synergy within our organization.  We’re able to focus on our customers from a broader perspective and there’s a lot of excitement about the different opportunities we can bring to our current and future customers.

GCE:  What are some of your top priorities at ACS, a Xerox Company at this time?

Helene Fisher:   The acquisition of ACS immediately transformed Xerox into the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management and accelerates our growth in the expanding services market. By combining Xerox strengths in document technology with ACS’ expertise in managing and automating work processes, have created a new class of solutions provider. Through our combined synergy, our top priorities culminate into one: strengthen our market presence, penetration and service offerings together.

GCE:  How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Helene Fisher:  We focus on our areas of strength and work to gain, maintain and expand our customers’ confidence.  Often times our competition focuses on expanding their offers into areas where their capabilities and solutions are not strong.  We build on what we do very well.  We optimize our solutions and continue to find ways for improvement.

GCE:  How would your colleagues describe you?  Do you have any specific leadership style that you bring?

Helene Fisher:  I think my colleagues would describe me as reliable, calm and collaborative; while navigating through in a fast-paced tactical environment and focusing to bring strategy and clarity to the situation.

GCE:  What emerging markets are you pursuing?

Helene Fisher:  Innovative end-to-end solutions for document/case/transaction management solutions, call center/service desk solutions; all aligned to effectively reduces redundancy and eliminate inefficiencies across the healthcare enterprise.  Within ACS Healthcare, we are also focused on HIE, EHR and PHR with fully integrated data exchange and support.  Through these efforts we are responding to the evolving needs of our healthcare clients with additional technology and research to further benefit our services offerings.

GCE:  What’s something about you personally that most people wouldn’t know?

Helene Fisher:  I recently took lessons and learned how to ride a motorcycle.  I am in the process of purchasing one.

GCE:  Do you know what kind you would like to get?

Helene Fisher:  I want to get a Harley Davidson motorcycle and the one I want is a Softail Deluxe.  Colleagues are surprised to find out I enjoy motorcycle riding.

GCE:  Is there anything else you would like to add?

Helene Fisher:  I am excited to be a part of ACS, A Xerox Company, and a contributor of the expected growth.  I am especially excited our customers are experiencing what we have to offer as the vendor of choice for integrated healthcare solutions.

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