Schmidt Wants to Change Federal Cybersecurity Game

Howard Schmidt

Yesterday, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt and federal CTO Aneesh Chopra wrote a blog post about the launch of a web forum that is designed to allow individuals to discuss their research and development ideas to “change the game“ in cybersecurity.

The web forum looks to promote information exchange on ideas to advance federal cybersecurity. With the ever changing and developing threat landscape, the federal government is looking for ways to stay ahead of cyber miscreants.

“Today, those who would abuse the system often hold the advantages of time (systems change only slowly), opportunity (an attacker needs to succeed only once while defenders must succeed always), and targets (a single vulnerability may be found in many locations),” Schmidt and Chopra write.

The forum helps to meet two goals set forth by both the Cyberspace Policy Review, authored by Melissa Hathaway, and the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative. Both called for new technologies that would be beneficial to U.S. cybersecurity efforts.

Through an extended process of a national summit and paper submissions, there are three game-changing concepts, Schmidt and Chopra write.

Moving Target ““ Systems that move in multiple dimensions to disadvantage the attacker and increase resiliency.

Tailored Trustworthy Spaces ““ Security tailored to the needs of a particular transaction rather than the other way around.

Cyber Economic Incentives ““ A landscape of incentives that reward good cybersecurity and ensure crime doesn't pay.

The forum will allow individuals to submit their ideas regarding these three concepts, as well as any additional areas that they believe should be focused on.

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