Bill Varner: Cybersecurity is the No. 1 Threat Facing Our Nation

Bill Varner of ManTech

As interest in cybersecurity continues to grow, a number of firms have looked to build a cyber capability through acquisitions or by building the capability within the company. Companies like ManTech are considered to be leaders in the still nascent cybersecurity market.

“We are totally mission focused,” Bill Varner, president of ManTech’s Mission, Cyber and Technology Solutions (MCTS) Group, says. “We provide support to customers in their locations, our spaces and overseas.”

The MCTS Group provides support to the Intelligence Community, handles ManTech’s cybersecurity business and the IT business, among other areas of responsibility. For Varner, cyber is one of the most important markets.

“Cyber is indeed a growing market, and I think the reason is simple,” Varner says. “Many people, including me, believe that cybersecurity is the number one threat facing our nation after weapons of mass destruction.”

The United States is the most networked nation in the world, according to Jim Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
“When you think of how dependent we’ve become on doing business via the Internet, both the government and private sector, both open and classified – it’s easy to see how large the impact of an interruption to that would be,” Varner says.

Companies operating in the cyber arena are also paying close attention to the legislation pending before Congress as well as recent developments, such as the confirmation of Gen. Keith Alexander to head U.S. Cyber Command.

“As to where the market is headed, that’s a lot more difficult,” Varner says. “I spend a lot of time these days tracking the cyber legislation moving through Congress.”

“Now that Gen. Keith Alexander has been confirmed as head of the U.S. Cyber Command, that organization will shape the future of a lot of cyber activity and the primary cyber customer areas,” he adds.

Whatever might lay ahead for cyber contracting, Varner believes that ManTech is well positioned to meet any upcoming challenges.

“We bring a lot to the cyber business,” he says. “Our approach combines professional services with hands-on research and development. Our objective is to stay ahead of our adversaries so that we can best serve our government clients.”

In the coming year, Varner is focused on the customer and the customer’s missions as well as what his people might need.

“I have always believed that if we put our customers and our people first, that we will have a much easier time achieving the rest of the goals,” he says.

Working at ManTech, Varner says his greatest reward has been learning from founder and CEO George Pedersen and president and COO Larry Prior.

“It’s a great group of people,” he says. “I enjoy coming to work every day. It is a tremendous opportunity for me.”

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