Northrop Grumman’s Kathy Warden: Cyber Command ‘Step in the Right Direction’

Northrop Grumman VP for Cyber and SIGINT Systems Kathy Warden spoke with The New New Internet recently about a variety of topics, including her take on the stand-up of Cyber Command.

Cyber Command was activated last month and is set to be led by Gen. Keith Alexander.

“I think it’s absolutely a step in the right direction,” said Warden, “to have a coordinating and unifying body across the Department of Defense to enable operations in the cyber domain.”

Warden noted the value of the situational awareness the Command will bring to the cyber domain, making the domain an asset to the nation.

“I see tremendous opportunity to pull through existing technologies that are stove-piped in the various services to create a common operational picture of the cyber domain and enable freedom of operation in that domain,” she said. “The Command will enable the situational awareness that we need to operate within the cyber domain; not just defend it but also to use it as an asset for our national security.”

Warden doesn’t see the Command changing the structure of contracting through any direct reform, but rather manifested in the form of a shifted operational domain.

“I don’t see the Command impacting the contracting mechanism as much as I see it impacting the operational domain within cyber,” said Warden. “However, I don’t see a major acquisition reform related to the stand-up of the Cyber Command. What I do see is across all of the services, particularly in the service cyber components, a desire to embrace more rapid acquisitions and that’s not unique to cyber, but it’s certainly being driven by the pace by which technology changes in the cyber domain.”

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