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Dennis Stolkey: HP Enterprise Services now poised to support government at all levels

Dennis Stolkey: HP Enterprise Services now poised to support government at all levels - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Dennis Stolkey: HP Enterprise Services now poised to support government at all levels - top government contractors - best government contracting eventGovernment agencies are increasingly being asked to do more with less while still offering more services to the general public. HP Enterprise Services is helping meet that tight balancing act “” thanks, in many ways, to the leadership of Dennis Stolkey.

Ever since HP's historic acquisition of EDS nearly two years ago the company has emerged stronger “” and better able to solve complex problems in areas such as cyber security, healthcare, applications modernization, and data center consolidation, to name a few. That ability to provide additional value is something Stolkey, senior vice president of the company's Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector unit, is excited about.

“HP's purchase of EDS increased our ability to offer customers truly end to end solutions, a deeper pool of resources, including industry thought leaders, as well as innovative offerings from HP Labs, which has an annual R&D investment of over $1 billion,“ says Stolkey.

Recently, Stolkey offered a closer look at some of the latest integrated solutions now on tap as HP Enterprise Services continues its mission to address its government clients' most pressing public sector needs.

ExecutiveBiz: It's been nearly two years since HP's acquisition of EDS. How have you've been letting current and potential customers know about the new HP Enterprise Services?

Dennis Stolkey: The first thing is that we had quite an education to do internally for ourselves. It's a lot different when you're a $20 billion company “” and then you become a $120 billion company. The breadth of offerings and capabilities that HP has, as the larger company, is really tremendous.  We spent a lot of time educating our sales force and our account executives on the full HP portfolio and how it can help solve our clients' complex business challenges. We also took a look at our portfolio to identify targeted areas where HP technology could help our existing clients and further enhance our ability to meet their needs.

Externally, we introduced our clients to HP products and services, while delivering the same great service our clients received under EDS. In addition, we participate heavily in various non-profit, private/public collaboration associations, like the Northern Virginia Technology Council, TechAmerica, Professional Services Council, ACT/IACT and AFCEA, to network with the government and gain a deeper understanding of their business and mission challenges. Our team members take advantage of strategic industry associations and conferences and use them as opportunities to foster dialogues about how HP's technology solutions and innovation can address public sector challenges.

ExecutiveBiz: What can you tell us about some the key market gains you've made since the acquisition?

Dennis Stolkey: Well, first off, I now have an HP printer and an HP PC “” and they work just great! On a more serious note, we've received hundreds of contract awards over the last 12 months. Most notable is our recent win the Continuity of Services Contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy, valued in excess of $3 billion if all options are exercised.

Just to mention a few others, we were awarded a contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide application services for the Immigration Customs Enforcement Support Center to help speed processing of immigration status determination. The U.S. Air Force also selected HP Enterprise Services to integrate, test, and deploy a cyber control system to provide strategic information and identify cyber threats to the U.S. Cyberspace. Our clients are really seeing the total value HP offers.

ExecutiveBiz: What's some of the work that the U.S. Air Force contract will entail?

Dennis Stolkey: The Air Force selected us to implement what they call CCS “” that's Cyber Control Systems “” as part of its cyber warfare strategy. The mission of the CCS program is to deliver command and control of their infrastructure and systems as well as provide situational awareness of the U.S. Air Force network activities. Additionally, the system provides secure information to enable Air Force decision makers to recommend real-time responses and courses of actions when faced with network intrusions and attacks.

ExecutiveBiz: Speaking of intrusions “” cyber security is only rising in threat level. What contribution are you making to this space?

Dennis Stolkey: Cyber security has indeed become one of the nation's largest and growing threats. The good news is that we, HP Enterprise Services, deliver cyber security services every day to our clients, including for the Department of the Navy's Navy Marine Corps Intranet, the world's largest private intranet. Supporting NMCI, HP thwarts and blocks 78 million Access Control List attempts each month, as well as 35 million spam e-mail messages per month, and has detected and cleansed an average of 800 viruses per month, many of which were previously unknown. We have hundreds of people dedicated to the security of this vital network 24x7x365.

We just don't talk about cyber security; we are delivering it. Every day we deliver security services that keep government networks and information as secure as possible, while still allowing them to achieve their missions. Now we're moving that same capability forward to deliver the same type of service to the Air Force and other clients.

ExecutiveBiz: Another pressing issue is data center consolidation; Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has said as much. How are you helping the largest U.S. energy consumer “” the U.S. Government “” in this area?

Dennis Stolkey: We support consolidating data centers and believe it's in the best interest of the country because it can save costs savings, improve business processes, and have positive impacts on the environmental and energy use.  And now IT innovations are making consolidation opportunities significantly more attractive and affordable. We already are supporting these efforts with the Department of Homeland Security and several other federal agencies.

Just a few years ago, HP took on a large internal consolidation project reducing our own data centers from 85 to three data center pairs worldwide. From our own consolidation efforts, we were able to reduce our energy usage, support business growth, and lower costs.  This is another example of where we walk the talk. Not only are we saying that we can help government organizations with data center consolidation; we've already done it for ourselves and dramatically reduced our footprint, energy consumption, and storage space.

ExecutiveBiz: The issue of impartiality ““ how is your team offering advice to government customers amid hardware affiliation?

Dennis Stolkey: Impartiality, to me, means making the right decisions for our clients and their missions. If there is an equal choice, then we would ask the client to consider HP hardware. But if it's a non-equal choice “” if it's going to cause problems for our client, if our client is heavily invested in a different direction, or if the client has to pay additional monies for porting charges to port from a competitor's system to ours “” then that's not in their best interest, and we won't go there.

ExecutiveBiz: You've outlined a robust and comprehensive set of solutions. What are you remaining vigilant to stay focused on? What's next?

Dennis Stolkey: Well, we can never take our clients for granted. We're here to successfully support the government's mission and the best interest of the country and the taxpayer. We must operate every second with the highest integrity and leadership, while recognizing that our people are our most important asset.

Looking ahead, HP Enterprise Services is well-positioned and prepared to support government at all levels to help them achieve success. And we have a wide range of government-wide contract vehicles in place to make it convenient, flexible, and easy to procure our products, services, and solutions. These are challenging times, and HP is here to help.

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