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Executive Spotlight: Joe Moye of Capgemini

Executive Spotlight: Joe Moye of Capgemini - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Joe Moye
Executive Spotlight: Joe Moye of Capgemini - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Joe Moye

Joe Moye is the chief executive officer of Capgemini Government Solutions.  He spoke with ExecutiveBiz about his firm, the market and shared his advice for rising professionals.

ExecutiveBiz: Can you talk about your background and how you came to your current position?

Joe Moye: I'm currently president and chief executive officer of Capgemini Government Solutions, based in Herndon. , My career out of college began directly in the technology arena.  I had a chance to gain experience and advance in various disciplines of the business with Burroughs and Unisys corporations. I had the opportunity to grow into various key roles. I believe it was the experience in many  diverse positions within sales, general management, and operations, which prepared me well to take on the diverse responsibilities of a chief executive officer role. I also spent a good bit of my career serving both the public sector, as well as the private sector, which I think, in my opinion, is very key to success in one of these roles ““ being able to bring a level of experience and credentials from having worked in solving business problems which are very common between what our public sector clients face, in a lot of ways, and what our commercial clients have tackled as well. Most recently, prior to moving into this role, I actually founded my own consulting company which specialized in business information management, the delivery of analytics and business intelligence information to support clients in improving their business decisions and operational performance. So, I had a chance to experience the entrepreneurial side of the world where I founded and funded my own business, which ultimately was acquired by a firm that was rolled up into Capgemini, so that's how I came to Capgemini after 6 years of building my own business. I was afforded the opportunity to move into this role about 18 months ago and I'm certainly excited about the prospects for us. We've got some very ambitious growth plans. Capgemini globally has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success serving the public sector. We're one of the largest professional services in systems integration suppliers to public sector clients in Europe. But we've not had as much focus and emphasis here in the U.S., so in a lot of ways we're really just starting that business, having grown it pretty substantially over the last couple of years with a new focus trying to leverage some of the great success and credentials that we've built from the global practice in public sector and applying those to supporting  our clients here, both at the federal level and with states and municipalities.

ExecutiveBiz: On that note, what are some of the goals that you have over the next 12-18 months for Capgemini?

Joe Moye: Well, certainly as we look at the opportunity for building our business, we're very focused around a couple of key departments in the federal arena. Specifically, growing our support of the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and the Department of Treasury, IRS in particular. The  reason for that focus, is that these areas very well parallel success we've had to date in serving those customers but, more importantly, represent opportunities to leverage  key skills and experience that we're able to bring in supporting those clients from our Global Public Sector business and our U.S. commercial business which is quite successful. We've got some ambitious growth goals from a top-line perspective. We're looking to double this business again over the next 24 months. Currently, this year, budgeting to be about a $135 million business and looking to double that, again, over the next 24 months. We've got some ambitious plans around acquisitions as well. It's our intention to not only grow organically, but to pursue some strategic acquisitions that are a good complimentary fit to what we're trying to accomplish in support of both federal clients as well as states and municipalities. I would say that probably the single, largest goal that underpins all of the financial metrics is building and growing a talented team of professionals in our consulting and management ranks. Certainly in the human capital business, the thing that differentiates you is the quality of your people and the capabilities of your people and in growing a business like this, it's critical that we are able to provide the right level of attractiveness to new candidates and provide the right growth opportunities to current team members and we're very, very committed to doing both.

ExecutiveBiz: I know Robert Gates and the Obama administration has shown interest in dialing back some defense spending. What's your understanding of that? Do you have any thoughts on what it means for Capgemini moving forward?

Joe Moye: Let me start with the last question first. I personally think it's a tremendous opportunity for Capgemini. I don't think there's any question that all government entities at all levels are going to be faced with additional scrutiny and the need to justify expenditures, maybe more so than we have in the past. I think with that comes the opportunity to improve performance while reducing costs. We've had a lot of recent success in providing independent verification and validation services where we're helping key programs improve their effectiveness in the implementation of these major initiatives by doing the things we need to do to align the technology implementations with the appropriate change management components to ensure more effective implementations of these initiatives. In my mind, all of those cost cuts create a challenge for everybody as it relates to trying to acquire business. I personally think the government right now is focusing, and properly so, in areas of operational improvements, reducing costs by improving the effectiveness of these programs, deploying them more quickly with better, predictable results and, frankly, eliminating some of the silos that exist in our government. This is a great opportunity for Capgemini in my opinion. I look at something like the cloud computing initiatives and virtualization and the opportunities to take costs out by leveraging the technologies across multiple entities and departments. Long story short, it's inevitable that spending will be reduced and certainly not only in the Department of Defense, but I think across the federal government, as well as with our states and municipalities,  and a firm like ours that has a track record of helping clients improve performance while taking out costs within important programs that align with our experience, I think, this is going to be a tremendous opportunity for us.

ExecutiveBiz: Do you have any words of advice for someone who is just starting their career and has aspirations to lead a firm, or maybe someone who is on the cusp of it?

Joe Moye: I'd say a couple of things. One is, I think it's important for people at a very early age in their careers to take their career into their own hands. Certainly, companies provide a great avenue to develop and improve your skills and experience, but I think at the end of the day, it's up to the individual to make some conscious decisions on the various directions you want to take your career, the training you need to ultimately diversify your skills and experience.  Reach out to the company and be very proactive about positioning your goals and expectations from a career development perspective. I personally feel that over the last couple of decades, many corporations have cut back on formal training and the necessary steps  which used to exist in helping structure career development and career paths for people. I believe that with this formal development not being as readily available, it's absolutely incumbent upon folks to take initiative to really leverage the developmental and training assets of the companies that they work for  but do what you need to do to control your own destiny by being proactive about your development plans.  Map out your progression and growth to expand your experience and achieve the ultimate goals you have from a professional standpoint.

I think the second point I would share  if one aspires to become a chief executive officer or grow into a general management capacity, I think diversity of experience is key. Ensuring that you've worked in different environments and not just one functional area of the business. So, gain a good appreciation and understanding of all of the levers of the business from an operational perspective, from a financial perspective, from a sales and business development perspective, from a product or solution perspective. I think it's absolutely key that you structure your career path in a way that allows you to experience all components of a business so when you ultimately move into general management capacity, you've got a level of appreciation for the different requirements that each of those roles or functions have in a business and the ability to harmonize those in a way that creates a cohesive operation.

ExecutiveBiz: My last question is on more of a personal note. Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities that you like to spend your free time on?

Joe Moye: Certainly, my wife and I have four wonderful children and, frankly, the spare time that we do have continues to be dedicated to their academic, athletic and family activities. We've also gotten very involved as a family in a couple of key charities. One in particular is  cure for childhood cancer and the Sam Robb Fund, which is an important initiative. It was established in memory of a close family friend of ours. So our children's activities , as well as charity and business functions, pretty well consume our spare hours.

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