Executive Spotlight: Teresa Weipert of Accenture

Executive Spotlight: Teresa Weipert of Accenture - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Executive Spotlight: Teresa Weipert of Accenture - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Accenture's Terry Weipert

Teresa “Terry” Weipert serves as a partner at Accenture with a focus in information technology.  She spoke with ExecutiveBiz about her firm, buyer-provider relations and outsourcing.

ExecutiveBiz: Could you tell me about your background and how you came to your current position?

Terry Weipert: I joined Accenture from Unisys Corporation, where I was vice president of marketing and strategy for the Global Outsourcing group.  I have spent several years in the IT industry with a focus on IT services in roles that covered sales, marketing, program management and application development.  The opportunity here with Accenture is exciting as we work to further develop our IT services business, drawing on the expertise in many groups within Accenture that have been building and delivering best practices for managed services in applications, infrastructure and business processing.

ExecutiveBiz: Was there anything about the culture of Accenture that drew you there?

Terry Weipert: Accenture has strong relationships with its clients and a commitment to industrialized services.  I wanted to return to the public service market and be able to draw on my global commercial experience.

ExecutiveBiz: I had seen your thoughts online that you had spoken on buyer-provider relations and outsourcing. What is your opinion on the current state of that issue?

Terry Weipert: The critical element in almost everything is the relationship that we develop with our clients at all levels within their environment as well as our own.  As government and commercial entities enter into service provider engagements, managing the entire transition, mobilization, stakeholder expectations and other industry factors – along with matching the skills and knowledge of our people to meet the requirements – requires significant management capabilities and deep knowledge.  If you don't start out with flexibility and an understanding of the clients' needs, then relationships could become confrontational.  It is often necessary to review the original assumptions and help all personnel joining the program ““ client and service provider ““ understand the baseline.

ExecutiveBiz: Do you have any more improvements in mind that could really expedite the process or eliminate any outstanding problems?

Terry Weipert: Again, my focus with my teams has always been on making sure we understand stakeholders' expectations. And just as important, we must follow through on what we promised and establish a rapport with the program teams, end users, and others who might be impacted by the opportunity.  Immediate communication of all issues ““ good and bad – is critical.

There have been many improvements in the tool sets to manage outsourced environments. So, whether we're talking from an application perspective or an infrastructure perspective, there is so much more available now that allows us to manage service-level metrics, KPIs, and conduct knowledge transfers.  Some of tools we have today to execute a knowledge transfer helps ensure a successful transition especially if you are trying to mitigate any interruption in services.  Our clients request for and our adherence to the ITIL service management frameworks has been an important improvement over the past several years.

ExecutiveBiz:  What are some goals that you have for Accenture in the short-term?

Terry Weipert: My boss would tell you, win more business! And, I would add that it is to position us to win more business with our clients.  I focus primarily on the health and public service business and our clients have a lot of challenges in these environments. We hear,  “˜drive my costs down, improve everything, give me better results, standardize my environment and achieve 20-40 percent in savings.' That doesn't happen overnight. To do that for our clients, we really need to understand the maturity level of their environments, understand  any  new  technologies to introduce or, , from the applications support and maintenance side, where it is that we can streamline and help and leverage some of the knowledge we have in those environments.

ExecutiveBiz: Do you have a hobby or favorite activity that you enjoy in your spare time?

Terry Weipert: My family and all associated activities ““sports programs, school programs.   I like to play golf  – the relaxed version ““ late afternoon tee time with an  ocean breeze is perfect. .

ExecutiveBiz: What's your favorite course to play?

Terry Weipert: We belong to a course in Ocean View, Del., called Bear Trap Dunes.

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Executive Spotlight: Teresa Weipert of Accenture - top government contractors - best government contracting event
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Executive Spotlight: Teresa Weipert of Accenture - top government contractors - best government contracting event
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