Cybersecurity Insiders Reveal Most-Pressing Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity Insiders Reveal Most-Pressing Cyber Threats - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Image: wayne ruston
Cybersecurity Insiders Reveal Most-Pressing Cyber Threats - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Image: wayne ruston

Cyber espionage, Advanced Persistent Threats and malware–cyberspace is full of threats designed to steal identities, intellectual property and money, as well as wreak havoc on computers and systems.

In a story on TheNewNewInternet, 10 cyber-industry insiders share their opinions on the current threat landscape and reveal what they believe are the most dangerous threats on the Internet:

Lance Cottrell, chief scientist, Abraxas: “Malware is really becoming one of the biggest issues. Especially what I describe as spear-phishing type malware attacks where this is not some virus or Trojan that is sort of generally running around on the Internet, but zero-day threats that have been typically built and then targeted at a very select, small audiences…“ (Click here to read more.)

Gunnar Hellekson, chief technology strategist, Red Hat U.S. Public Sector: “The threats that I have seen lately are mostly internal. I don't mean hackers from the inside or hackers on the outside; I mean the greatest threat from the increased focused on cybersecurity is the threat that comes from our reactions to real and perceived threats. …” (Click here to read more.)

Steve Hawkins, vice president, Information Security Solutions, Raytheon: “One of the most important threats is social engineering as a means of getting individuals within any enterprise to either click on an attachment or a website that would bring malware or the Advanced Persistent Threat into your enterprise. ..“ (Click here to read more.)

JR Reagan, principal, Federal Solutions Group, Deloitte Consulting LLC: “Lately, we're seeing threats from global players. The type of distributed threats where cyber intruders can unwittingly harness and marshal thousands, if not millions, of computers to attack an organization's systems. There's just a lot of unsuspecting victims out there that suddenly become part of somebody else's scheme to attack DoD computers or other government agency systems. Some of the other threats are the insider threats, which we wrestle with a lot. …“ (Click here to read more.)

John Watters, chairman/CEO, iSIGHT: “Not unlike our customers, criminal interests are attracted to low-risk/high-reward opportunities. Organized criminal groups now make more money in cyber crime than from the narcotics trade. That is a clear reflection of an adversarial shift from the kinetic to the non-kinetic world, where anybody can steal money namelessly, facelessly, with minimum risk and a high degree of operating leverage in a way that is both efficient and productive. …” (Click here to read more.)

Vincent Mihalik, vice president, Cybersecurity Solutions, Wyle Information Systems: “A complete understanding of the makeup of the threats facing the United States in cyberspace is difficult to characterize in a short response. Some suggest the cyber threat is overhyped, and others suggest that we are actively engaged in a cyber war. It is often stated that if end-users and systems administrators would follow generally accepted best practices for computing, our cybersecurity risk could be reduced by as much as 80 percent. …“ (Click here to read more.)

To read the rest of the story and find out what the remaining experts said, click here.

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Written by Neel Mehta

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