Man Cyber-Bullies Sister-in-Law after Being Rejected

A 35-year-old bank official was arrested in India after allegedly sending defamatory, anonymous emails to his sister-in-law's coworkers after she rejected his advances.

The Telegraph reports that Adhiraj Roy Choudhuri was taken into custody after investigators tracked him down, using the records of a cyber cafe from where he had allegedly sent the emails. During interrogation, Choudhuri admitted his ego had been bruised when his sister-in-law turned him down. In retaliation, he sent emails to her colleagues, saying she was of “loose morals” and should be fired immediately.

According to investigators, Choudhuri began his smear campaign in February 2009. When colleagues informed his sister-in-law about the emails, she ignored the issue for a few months. When the frequency of the messages increased and the content became more malicious, she filed a complaint with the local police station. However, police failed to track down culprit.

When her colleagues received an additional message in the second week of September, the sister-in-law filed another complaint with the local cyber-crime unit. Investigators eventually learned where the emails originated from, and they were able to narrow down the list of suspects to the woman’s brother-in-law.

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