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The Top GovCon Executive Recruiters: Craig Stevens, Cabot

ExecutiveBiz spoke to senior leaders at some of government contracting's most powerful firms to find out whom they turn to when they need an executive position filled, and compiled the 10 recruiters you need to know.

To get a sense of their positions on government contracting, we asked the recruiters for their take on the current state of the industry and where they see it going in the future.
What is your take on the current state of the government-contracting field?
The Top GovCon Executive Recruiters: Craig Stevens, Cabot - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Craig Stevens

“The growth of the industry is returning to normal after nearly a decade of outsized growth in response to Sept. 11.  Margins on business with the government should remain stable because federal customers will require higher-end services — scalable complex technology solutions to address big challenges across civil agencies, as well as the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.  However, given the policies of the current administration, more basic services could be lost to insourcing.”

Do you have any predictions for the future of the business?

“No matter which party is in power, the government will not do less.  However, given budget issues, spending trends will more closely follow megatrends, i.e., healthcare with the aging of the population and alternative energy with resource depletion and commitment to sustainability.  Given the diverse aspects of these megatrends, the funding will not come from any one source.  For example, healthcare funding will come through HHS, but other key agencies are also involved, such as the Veterans Administration, which manages the largest integrated healthcare system in the country.”

What sets your practice apart in the field?

“We have been serving government contractors since 1984.  In executive search, it is hard to trump experience and the personal relationships we have developed.  We combine this background with a commitment to be hands on in managing our practice.  Lastly, unlike most large search firms, we commit not to recruit from organizations that are current clients.”

Are there any recommendations you can make to executives looking to enhance their personal brand?

“Pursuing a career as a technical or functional expert, such as a CTO or CFO, is rewarding; we recommend taking any opportunity though to combine such credentials with experience in business development and profit center management.  This breadth of qualifications is a compelling differentiator.”

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