Students' Explanation for Sexting Teacher? It Was 'Just for Fun'

A school teacher in India who received pornographic text messages in the middle of the night was surprised to learn the senders were his own students, The Times of India reports.

It was around midnight last Friday the teacher of a school in Calcutta received a sexually explicit clip, sent via MMS. He tried to identify the sender, but did not recognize the number. He then kept receiving other pornographic messages, all from different numbers.

After threatening the senders to report them to the police, the four culprits came forward and admitted to being his students. The teacher was furious, but spared his students from a police questioning. However, he complained to the school authorities, upon which the students were identified and summoned to a disciplinary hearing.

Realizing they were about to be expelled, the students apologized and begged the teacher to not take the matter further.

When the teacher wanted to know why they had sent him an obscene MMS, the students said they wanted to play a prank on him.

“It was just for fun, sir,” the students said, according to The Times of India.

Sexting, or sending pornographic messages, is a criminal offense under the Cyber Crime Act in India and could have landed the student behind bars.

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