'Anonymous' Launches Operation Avenge Assange

Hacker coalition Anonymous has launched a slew of cyber assaults against what it perceives to be enemies of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, including a DDoS attack on PayPal, which recently stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks in the wake of the release of U.S. embassy cables.

Anonymous said it will “offer Wikileaks an additional mirror and have it Googlebombed” and “create counter-propaganda, organized attacks (DDoS) on various targets related to censorship.” The group also encourage its members and supporters to spread the cables freely: “The end goal is a human DNS – something that can only be stopped by shutting off the entire internet,”‘ the collective stated on a poster.

The group also encouraged voting for Assange as the TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year, to give the exiled Australian “much needed public exposure,” and threatened ramifications for opponents of the whistle-blower organization.

“We will find and will attack those who stand against Wikileaks and we will support WikiLeaks in everything they need,” the collective said.

At the time of writing, the Anonymous website was inaccessible and a message displayed said, “AnonOps is currently under heavy DDoS attack. The website will be back up ASAP.”

The Guardian reported earlier this morning Assange had been arrested over allegations in Sweden of sexual offenses.

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