Executive Spotlight: David Cradlin of HPTi

Executive Spotlight: David Cradlin of HPTi - top government contractors - best government contracting event
David Cradlin, HPTi

Executive Spotlight: David Cradlin of HPTi - top government contractors - best government contracting event
David Cradlin, HPTi

ExecutiveBiz: Could you please tell me a little bit about your background and how you got involved in HPTi?

David Cradlin: My background is in engineering.  I started as an analyst and computer programmer and moved into developing special applications using massively parallel high-performance computers. That's eventually what led me to HPTi.  I joined the company when it had about 25 employees in the early ’90s and have helped it grow to its current size of over 400 employees today. I led the growth of HPTi’s healthcare business at the Department of Veterans Affairs and at the Food and Drug Administration, and now I’m focused on bringing a broader array of HPTi solutions to the federal healthcare market.

ExecutiveBiz: As vice president of health sciences business development, what are your biggest challenges in your role?

David Cradlin: As the VP for health sciences, I work with operations leads to develop strategies that leverage HPTi’s systems and architecture innovations for clients’ future business needs across the federal healthcare space.  The challenge is to anticipate what the clients' future challenges are going to be and how HPTi can develop solutions that will help our clients succeed in both the short term and the long term.  The healthcare sector has tremendous goals and limited resources to achieve them. As a result, we need to look for ways to deliver services that achieve tangible business results efficiently.

ExecutiveBiz: What are some of your goals and visions, both for the company and from your professional aspect within the company?

David Cradlin: One of my goals is to leverage our success in delivering strong program, systems, and architecture management to help new healthcare clients achieve improved results.  There is a lot of emphasis on transparency, rigor, and rapid, reliable delivery of IT.  I see this as a catalyst to refocus IT programs to meaningfully engage business and truly bring business value to the end users.  That is a core strength of HPTi. Another goal I have is to leverage HPTi’s technical capabilities that have matured in other industries“”such as computational science, architecture, and systems engineering“”to improve the research in clinical decision-making support in healthcare. Electronic health records are creating a data source that can really improve evidence-based clinical decision-making and research. Leveraging this data will require that health IT systems be architected and engineered to enable real-time analytics.  These are precisely the types of challenges that HPTi has developed solutions for in other industries.

ExecutiveBiz: What were some of your biggest professional accomplishments in 2010?

David Cradlin: Well, the accomplishment that stands out primarily is our win of the VA’s Veterans Relationship Management work for the Program Executive Office. The VRM initiative will help our nation’s veterans readily connect to and receive the benefits and services that they so deservedly earned.

ExecutiveBiz: What is your take on cloud computing, and what role does it play in your company?

David Cradlin: HPTi currently supports Army Intelligence in developing and deploying infrastructure and platform services in cloud architecture.  We see cloud as an enabler for enterprise capabilities in the federal government. Now, how it should be leveraged will need to be tailored for different business domains.

ExecutiveBiz: What is something that most people don’t know about you, personally?

David Cradlin: I enjoy painting. I also enjoy seeing my kids’ creative abilities grow and blossom.  I try to encourage them to develop those talents alongside all their other academics in school.

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