Executive Spotlight: Christopher Giusti of Capgemini

Executive Spotlight: Christopher Giusti of Capgemini - top government contractors - best government contracting event

Executive Spotlight: Christopher Giusti of Capgemini - top government contractors - best government contracting eventChristopher Giusti is chief financial officer of Capgemini Government Solutions. Recently, he shared with ExecutiveBiz his insight into the internal measures taken to leverage the company’s end-to-end solutions for federal, state, and local customers over the course of the new year.

ExecutiveBiz: How would you characterize your public sector unit?

Chris Giusti: We view the public sector market as federal as well as state and local business opportunities.  Our federal business is well established; we will continue to look at accounts where we have a large presence and continue to expand our presence there.  Within the state and local market, which is a little bit of a newer area for us, we've had some very positive wins and momentum.  On the state and local level we're taking some of the successes we've had there, such as a win with the State of Nevada implementing an unemployment insurance system, to other states as well.

ExecutiveBiz: What are some ways you're planning to stay ahead this year?

Chris Giusti: We routinely monitor the regulation that is coming out from various entities such as DCAA, Homeland Security, and so on. So making sure that we are staying attuned to how those regulations are evolving is important.  We send our team  “” we have eight people, full time “” to training as needed, directly with agencies or for external training. Both measures ensure that we understand the requirements of the regulations and that we, as a team, can more effectively implement them across our entire business. Because ours is not just a finance function. It's a combination, across our team, of contracts, delivery, and others. Finance is just the enabler.

ExecutiveBiz: What priorities are you keeping in mind along the way?

Chris Giusti: We've taken very much of a team mindset in terms of what we're trying to accomplish within finance.  Our ties are not just to delivering an exceptional financial service for our organization; that in my mind is table stakes.  What we need to be doing is looking at how we add value across the organization by integrating with other parts of the business “¦ with our contract group, our business development resources, our solution development teams in terms of investment planning, integrating with our delivery teams in terms of managing projects schedule, economics, invoicing and making sure that as a team we are adding value to the overall business.

ExecutiveBiz: Where does this integration stand?

Chris Giusti: I have been pushing this integration for quite some time now and actually on a monthly basis we have meetings that involve our delivery project managers, our finance organization, our contracts organization, and our account teams to talk about the work that we are delivering today for our clients, how we are performing in terms of client satisfaction, contract performance, how our team is performing, and certainly how we are doing in the financials, and what are the opportunities for us to wow our clients in new ways.  In one forum, we address all the critical issues, how we are delivering on our promises today and what are the new areas that we can support our clients in going forward.

ExecutiveBiz: What's next on the finance team level?

Chris Giusti: I think for finance as well as other parts of the business it's making sure that people have a very real sense of what they are individually accountable for.  We need to operate as a team but each individual needs to know what they are accountable for in the overall business.  We will further refine specific objectives that each person needs to have in place, and an understanding of how that ties to our overall business plan, so they have an appreciation for how they are contributing day in and day out to the success of the business.

ExecutiveBiz: What can your customers expect from Capgemini this year?

Chris Giusti: Capgemini is a global consulting company and I think that more than ever we are tapping into the full breadth of our global corporate capabilities. From a client's perspective, what they'll see is us offering even more end-to-end solutions for their specific priorities. I think the government market is an exciting market and it is an exciting time to be in this market.  I think the opportunities that are afforded people are just tremendous in terms of what they can do in terms of their careers and in terms of serving our government clients.

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