Mental Illness No Excuse to Illegally Download Files, Court Says

A Scottish court has rejected mitigating pleas of mental illness by a file-sharer convicted of copyright infringement, The Register reports.

Although Anne Muir, 58, admitted to downloading 30,000 songs from a peer-to-peer network to boost her self-esteem, her defense attorney Lorenzo Alonzi argued his client was suffering from depression.

“Learning this new technology and picking up new skills gave her self-esteem a boost,” Alonzi said. “But to be allowed into the network she had to have a certain number of files already.”

Alonzi also claimed his client “had a very big quantity of these files because she was hoarding – a symptom of a severe obsessive personality disorder that she suffers from,” BBC reported.

The conviction of the grandmother-of-eight from Ayr is the first of its kind in Scotland, according to Daily Record.





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