Executive Spotlight: Dennis Stolkey of HP Enterprise Services

Photo: Dennis Stolkey, HP Enterprise Services

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector Division, Dennis Stolkey is responsible for the business unit’s revenue, profit and delivery performance with federal, state and local government customers. He runs the multi-billion dollar unit and leads a workforce of more than 12,000 strong.

His organization provides mission critical services to the Defense Department, NASA, Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services of whom just awarded the firm with a $72.3 million contract. Just this past spring, HP Enterprise services won a $2.5 billion contract with NASA while this summer marked another huge win for the company, as it was added to the Justice Department’s $1.1 billion IDIQ contract. Stolkey spoke to Executive Biz about his responsibilities, challenges he faces in his role and what he sees in billion dollar firm’s future.

ExecutiveBiz: Of all of your day to day responsibilities what do you consider your most important task each day?

Dennis Stolkey: Helping to safeguard our troops and protect the government’s information, networks and systems from harm with the thousands of services that we provide to them. Every day, we are constantly striving to provide superior service excellence to our government clients, as they rely on us to protect their IT infrastructures from data breaches and to secure highly sensitive critical data required to support their missions.

ExecutiveBiz:  What challenges do you find in your position?

Dennis Stolkey: Our challenges are the same as our clients’ challenges because our business is aligned to their priorities. One of the biggest issues for us is the current budget deficit. The U.S. Federal Government is $1.3 trillion in debt this year. Our states are $191 billion in the hole. We’re running up $4 billion a day just in interest on our national debt, which is a huge number. These are things that influence my clients and definitely influence us. Another area is security. Cybersecurity, network and data security are huge. If I go back five years ago – even three and a half years ago ‑ you might have read one or two articles about cybersecurity or data breaches. Today I can read 20 articles a day on the topic. Cyber threats are increasing exponentially, and it’s our responsibility to help protect our service men and women and our clients with all of their mission critical information. Mission assurance is another one of our focus areas. We make sure that we provide the support our clients’ need to achieve their missions and that we have recovery and resiliency in our solutions. Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness as well as optimizing costs are so important to our clients. Our role is to help them reduce their costs and deliver the services citizens expect – and ultimately reducing the burden of our nation’s debt on our children and our children’s children.

ExecutiveBiz: What does your company do better than everybody else in the same industry?

Dennis Stolkey: HP delivers industry best practices and innovation through its unique global breadth of public and private sector experience and capabilities. We help governments reduce risk through our specialization in large-scale, mission-critical and secure infrastructures and applications.

On cost optimization and benefits – HP understands that our public sector clients need to be able to do more with less. It needs to meet citizen’s service quality expectations, successfully achieve their policy and mission outcomes, secure citizen data and maintain 100 percent reliability all while maintaining the public’s trust. HP is also a market leader in helping customers take costs out of their IT operations and applying knowledge to improve effectiveness. We are working with all of our clients to develop innovative ways to help them achieve their missions and cost-saving goals. Also, our client challenges are HP strengths – areas like cybersecurity, cloud, health IT, applications transformation and data center services.

For example, we’ve delivered more than 28 million common access cards to the U.S. Department of Defense. We’ve provided security credentialing for GSA USA Access programs for more than 90 agencies, boards and commissions for HSPD-12 compliance. We also handle 35 percent of all Medicare and Medicaid claims in the United States and we process 2.4 billion healthcare transactions annually. That’s huge.  We also verify the eligibility for benefits of 38 million U.S. Department of Defense beneficiaries. That’s a lot.

We were awarded some significant contracts this year. NASA awarded HP Enterprise Services a contract worth up to $2.5 billion to support their Agency Consolidate End-User Services program. As part of this contract, HP provides end user desktop services and devices that will increase NASA’s efficiencies and allow its employees to more easily collaborate in a secure computing environment.

ExecutiveBiz: Where would you like to see HP in five years?

Dennis Stolkey: That’s always an interesting question, isn’t it? In five years, it would be my hope that HP will continue growing in this market by delivering outstanding services and assisting government organizations with cost optimization opportunities to help reduce budget deficits. Those areas are the main focus for all of our state, local and federal clients. It’s a must for the taxpayers and for our children and our children’s children. We have the breadth and depth of our public and private sector experience and the breadth and depth of all of HP to help governments optimize their costs, reduce risks and improve citizen services.  By doing these things, we will be successful and, as importantly, so will our clients. It has to be a symbiotic relationship. Also, in five years I would like HP to become the largest systems integrator in the market. We have the foundation, the experience and the capability right now to achieve that goal. We’ve had significant growth over the last three years. We have an excellent team here.

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