Executive Spotlight: Lynn DeCourcey, NJVC VP and GM for Cybersecurity

Executive Spotlight: Lynn DeCourcey, NJVC VP and GM for Cybersecurity - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Lynn DeCourcey

Executive Spotlight: Lynn DeCourcey, NJVC VP and GM for Cybersecurity - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Lynn DeCourcey
Lynn DeCourcey is the vice president and general manager for cybersecurity at NJVC, the Chantilly, Va.-based technology services provider.

The 20 year industry veteran was previously a program engineering manager with BAE Systems, where she was the recipient of four annual BAE Bronze Chairman's Awards.

DeCourcey recently caught up with ExecutiveBiz about the opening of a new datacenter facility, the four business units of NJVC and prioritizing the firm’s focus going forward.

ExecutiveBiz: You've been a VP for close to half a year now; how have things changed since March?

Lynn DeCourcey: One of the things NJVC has recognized is that the exceptional work we have done on behalf of our current anchor customer is leverageable out into the intelligence, defense, larger federal space and commercial markets. So, we stood up five new business units here at NJVC, and I'm heading up the cyber business unit. We have accomplished a lot since standing up these new business units in October. We have business plans, financial plans, service catalogs, marketing material, back office operations support and we are continuing to add to the strength of our teams. The really exciting thing is that we have been able to go out and meet new potential customers and partners in different domain spaces as we move into new markets, and we are doing so with a really powerful history and credible qualifications from being the prime contractor on a large DoD contract for the past 11 years.

ExecutiveBiz: What are you most excited about moving forward?

DeCourcey: Really it's the opportunity to showcase and go ahead and leverage and share what we have done and done extremely well on behalf of the current anchor customer.

ExecutiveBiz: How do you work with Kevin Jackson and other executives to leverage your cybersecurity background with their cloud computing and other expertise?

DeCourcey: If you think about the other four business units, we have datacenter services. We have the cloud business unit. We have IT services. We have print services, and then you have cyber security. The nice thing is the way that we are able to work independently, and also recognize collaboration opportunities as well as synergies that are non optional. For instance, clouds must be secured. With Kevin, in particular, we talk about two different approaches to engineer security into the cloud solution. We can either be part of the infrastructure as a service, or we can provide continuous monitoring services for the cloud or optimally, we would do both.

ExecutiveBiz: Where have you been successful and where are the next opportunities?

DeCourcey: On July 28 we are opening a 20,000-square foot datacenter in Reno, Nev. The datacenter is a fully managed operation and we have had the opportunity to work closely with the datacenter business unit to secure that facility. Our team is 100 percent DoD 8570 certified and provide full lifecycle computer network defense. In October 2011, the NJVC Cyber Dashboard development team won the ISC 2 Government Information Security Leadership Award and we are really proud of that recognition.

ExecutiveBiz: How does innovation for government customers differ from innovation for private sector clients, and how has your background in each helped you manage NJVC's efforts accordingly?

DeCourcey: Typically, the lifecycle of innovation is graphed by spikes. And the way that we approach innovation at NJVC is that is needs to be more consistent, something that we can have measurable quantitative metrics to show efficiencies. Whether you're in private, commercial, public, spend space right now, budgets are tight.  I think those more consistent innovations that enable efficiencies are going to be differentiators. 

When I run the reel on my 20+ year career, it has always been about the data. Protecting the data. So, early on it was computer defense, data on the computer, and then networks, LANs and WANs, and then with the advent of the Internet, it's now cyber security. While the threat vectors have changed it is still all about protecting the data.

ExecutiveBiz: How do you prioritize your focus with all the technologies and locations NJVC employs?

DeCourcey: Our number one focus is keeping our current customers happy, and it's all about their mission. And so, when I first joined NJVC, I spent the first year on our anchor program to get to know the customer, to understand their mission, to know and work closely with the people on my team. And so, that's my number one priority, that's our number one importance, is keeping our current customers happy.

Again, I want to leverage what we are doing on behalf of this current anchor customer to all opportunities that are of national concern from a critical infrastructure perspective. We have operated in this space for 11 years and are well positioned to more widely apply 11 years of expertise in this environment beyond our current footprint.

ExecutiveBiz: Who are your biggest competitors?

DeCourcey: Well, right now I think from my business unit perspective when we talk about our strategy, we're moving towards managed services. We see ourselves as an end to end solutions and integration provider. So, anyone in that space could potentially be competitors of ours. The approach that we're taking right now is we're forming some really great partnerships. We have about 38 new strategic partners since October of this last year, and we make partners in ways that allow us to bring the strongest solutions to market.

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Written by David J. Barton

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