Cisco & Qualcomm Team-up to Improve Wi-Fi for Retail Stores; Sujai Hajela Comments

Sujai Hajela, Cisco

Cisco Systems and Qualcomm, are joining wireless forces behind a system for easier Wi-Fi services for retail stores and other venues.

According to an article, airports, shops and other areas that have Wi-Fi networks that assist customers in getting on the internet are not getting full value out of their networks.

Cisco has announced a new capability to make Wi-Fi networks more accessible and valuable to both venue owners and customers.

The companies intend to let Wi-Fi network owners deliver locally relevant information to consumers’ smartphones before they log on to a nearby network.

“The chip has this local service discovery, which gets ignited in the presence of a Cisco network,” said Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s wireless networking business unit. “It delivers an alert in the form of a blinking arrow on the top of the phone’s home screen, which appears whether the user has joined the Wi-Fi network or not.”

“The local service discovery is basically detecting a Wi-Fi radio, and it is just giving you an invitation. It’s up to you whether you want to do anything with it or not,” Hajela added.

The new offerings will come with the latest version of the company’s mobility services engine software and additions from the acquisition of ThinkSmart technologies as well as the partnership with Qualcomm.

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