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Executive Spotlight: Brad Goldman, exp Federal SVP on Sequestration Prep and Global Opportunities

Executive Spotlight: Brad Goldman, exp Federal SVP on Sequestration Prep and Global Opportunities - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Executive Spotlight: Brad Goldman, exp Federal SVP on Sequestration Prep and Global Opportunities - top government contractors - best government contracting event
Brad Goldman

Brad Goldman is the senior vice president leading corporate development at exp Federal, a position he has held since February of this year.

The 32-year business vet has worked in a diverse range of industries during his career including cybersecurity, biometrics and global exchange in both the commercial and government sectors of businesses.

Goldman has won awards at international art competitions and before he ventured into the corporate world, he was a practicing oral surgeon.

He spoke to ExecutiveBiz about the niche exp Federal has carved in the GovCon market, his various business experiences and what it takes to smoothly transition from one leadership role to another.


ExecutiveBiz:  Can you talk a little about exp Federal’s mission, and its offerings to government clients?

Brad Goldman: Exp Federal“™s sole mission is to provide our clients with best-in-class services in the architecture, engineering, operations & maintenance, and mission critical support services domain. We have a solid 50-year history supporting U.S. Federal missions across the country and around the globe.

For example, through one of our Huntsville Army Corp of Engineers contracts we support “Task Force Safe“ in Afghanistan.  We have approximately 170 people in theatre providing program management, GIS, logistics, and electrical and fire prevention inspection services.  We also perform minor upgrades and repairs as required. Our service offerings include: architecture, full-service engineering, energy systems consulting & implementation, and project & program management.


ExecutiveBiz:  What do you think the drivers of growth are for your company? What are some of your goals moving forward?

Brad Goldman:  At exp Federal, one of our growth drivers is our dynamic flexible strategy that feeds our business plan.  Our focus is on projected growth markets over the next five years in the federal marketplace.  Exp Federal will augment this with an M&A strategy to penetrate new markets and enhance our core capability.

Alongside strategy, people and operations represent another key growth driver.  We have a seasoned team of leaders focused on execution of contracts.  We perform on our client“™s projects on schedule and within budget, to ensure their mission.  This is one of the most important drivers of all the federal market.

Our goal is that when a client asks themselves who is the best suited to assist them with their mission they will first think of exp Federal.


ExecutiveBiz:  You talked about wanting to sign more contracts, are there any that you’re involved in now that you wanted to touch on, that you’re particularly excited about?

Brad Goldman:  One is the Taskforce SAFE in Afghanistan through the Army Corps of Engineers out of Huntsville. It is one of our largest contracts.  We’re supporting the mission in Afghanistan and will be bidding on the re-compete in the near future.

We’re also looking at many other potential clients in various markets in the intelligence community, the Department of State, DHS, and the Department of Defense. Overall, we have a broad and deep pipeline looking forward.


ExecutiveBiz:  With sequestration and possible budget cuts around the bend, how are you preparing for the increased competition that we’re going to see in the public sector?

Brad Goldman: Our primary focus will be supporting our clients’ mission through strong execution of our current contracts.  You don’t survive and grow if you’re not executing properly on your contracts.

We’ve also done extensive research over the last several months, knowing sequestration would probably be occurring, looking into the market sectors where there’ll be less funding cuts. We assume there’ll be less funding overall for our clients’ mission requirements, but the mission itself will not be diminished.  In other words, our clients will be required to  perform the same mission with less funding.

To accomplish this, they will need the same amount of facilities and infrastructure.  The shift will probably be in a decrease in available funds for building new facilities and infrastructure, and funds will be allocated  over to renovation of current facilities and infrastructure, which we’re very well-positioned to serve.

We’ve used this knowledge to build a strong pipeline of opportunities, to be pursued CONUS and OCONUS, because we feel many of our target organizations are going to need to expand outside the United States in the near future, to counteract the drawdown in the military.


ExecutiveBiz:  Is that one of your niches in the market?

Brad Goldman: It’s one of them, yes.  Many of our competitors currently don’t like doing business outside the United States.  We’re part of a global company, so we have extensive experience OCONUS.  Many of our senior staff has supported missions around the world so we feel we are well-positioned to serve our clients.

At the moment our pipeline includes opportunities in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South American countries like Brazil.  With the draw down in Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East, as well as buildup in Africa, there are many opportunities


ExecutiveBiz: In your varied business background, can you describe some of the successes you’ve had?

Brad Goldman: Prior to my current position with exp Federal I had over 30 years“™ experience in business management, including business strategy, planning, mergers & acquisitions, execution, and administration.  My experience is in commercial, government, national and international segments of business.

Areas of focus have included: cybersecurity, SIGINT, information assurance and operations, architecture, engineering, physical security, biometrics, biosurveillance, forensic sciences, logistics, global exchange business architecture, international data synchronization and normalization, and dentistry.

In a former position I put the strategy in place that led to a business plan that included a major acquisition in one of the emerging markets we were targeting.  That acquisition has proved very lucrative in that they have recently won two of the large procurements in the IC.

Another major success was while at the World Wide Retail Exchange I chaired a global standards body initiative that included CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and COOs from companies such as CCG, Unilever, Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Royal Ahold, Carrefour and other leading global suppliers and retailers.  I developed global business and technical standards through participation with international standards organizations by chairing project teams through the global standards management process. Those are two of the bigger accomplishments, I would say, over the last few years.


ExecutiveBiz:  How have you been able go from one job to another and be able to know enough about what you’re doing to be an effective leader?

Brad Goldman: I’ve read extensively about many of the successful and admired leaders.    I’ve luckily been a part of large corporations where there’s been a fair amount of training and mentoring of the executive staff, so I’ve had the luxury of being a member of many highly talented and successful organizations..  Additionally, I have some very good friends that are CEOs, CTOs & CFOs, and I’ve learned quite a bit through being close to them, and observing how they perform.


ExecutiveBiz: You have an art career in which you’ve won numerous awards.  I was wondering how does that fit into your corporate life?

Brad Goldman: I’ve always loved art, both admiring the work of others and creating pieces of my own.  In the practice of dentistry, you learn to work with your hands quite a bit.  I love the creative process and that art allows.  I’ve worked in multiple different media, taking numerous courses in my little amount of free time over the years.

I’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored and enter international competitions where I’ve won various awards.  In my current position I don’t have enough time to do some of the things I really enjoy, but I still try to take courses when I can at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria or in my local community.


ExecutiveBiz:  How does your experience in so many different areas of business translate to your current role?

Brad Goldman: In the commercial world most decisions are driven by the bottom line while in government the primary driver is mission.  I have owned my own business as a startup, worked with small businesses, mid-tiers and large businesses with annual revenues over $10 billion.

My experience has enabled the implementation of strategies and plans to grow each of these various business entities across multiple types of markets.  My current position is senior vice president leading corporate development for exp Federal.

This role encompasses strategy, business planning, mergers & acquisitions, and business development.  Our president, John Samis, has put together a strong team of seasoned professionals that are focused on our client“™s mission; and when our clients are successful our success will follow.

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Written by David J. Barton

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