State Govts Pick Symantec eDiscovery Platform; Gigi Schumm Comments

SymantecLogoSymantec Corp. has said that at least 25 state governments in the U.S. have purchased Clearwell eDiscovery platform as a solution, according to a company statement

Some clients use the software’s analytics capability to investigate Medicare fraud and for general litigation support, while others implement the software in securities, public safety and environmental use cases.

The states of Ohio and Delaware, in particular, are looking to pair Clearwell eDiscovery with Symantec’s archiving tool, Enterprise Vault.

“We commend the work being done by the (states),” said Gigi Schumm, public sector vice president and general manager at Symantec.

“We’re pleased to see so much deep integration into our customer’s workflow and such diverse use cases for Clearwell.”

The Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform uses a single application to manage the whole eDiscovery suite of programs for enterprise-level data center management.

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