Exelis GPS Anti-Jam Tool Collects Intelligence for Law Enforcement; Kevin Farrell Comments

Exelis Logo

An ITT Exelis system for tracking both intentional and unintentional GPS jamming sources has been upgraded to deliver interference intelligence for law enforcement officials to locate targets and protect infrastructure.

Signal Sentry 1000 is designed to incorporate signal domain knowledge for a global navigation satellite system, according to an Exelis statement

The technology is based on a network of threat detectors connected to a server that uses geolocation algorithms developed by the company.

“Jamming devices can transmit signals capable of disrupting the synchronization of critical infrastructure, such as utility power grids and timing information of financial transactions,” said Kevin Farrell, general manager for positioning, navigation and timing at Exelis’ geospatial systems business.

Sensors deployed at places such as government facilities, shipping ports and utilities would detect a jamming source’s location and provide users relevant information to act on threats.

Farrell said the company built payload components that have been on board GPS satellites for almost 40 years.

The company develops navigation components, monitoring receivers and security technologies for the GPS Operational Control System, or OCX, he added.

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