Raytheon Provides Korean Air with Transponders for UAVs; Glen Bassett Comments

RaytheonLogoRaytheon Company has provided Korean Air with small-scale targeting systems designed to match the specifications of unmanned aerial vehicles the airlines in developing.

Identification friend or foe devices delivered to South Korea’s top airline will be used to upgrade unmanned aerial vehicles and small helicopters, Raytheon said Wednesday.

Glen Bassett, a Raytheon space and airborne systems director, said an objective of the company was to produce lightweight military-grade command and control mechanisms that meet the certification standards of defense forces.

The miniature IFF transponders were developed to match features of its larger counterparts that enable drones to locate, identify and calculate the distance of objects on land or in the air.

The system’s interrogator measures the distance and heading to the aircraft and the transponder sends out identification and position.

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