General Dynamics Unit Launches Membership Portal for Service Providers, Customers; Nadia Short Comments

general-dynamics-logo2A General Dynamics business unit has set up an online community intended to help service providers find out and address the demands of their customers in the private and public sectors.

GDNexus aims to serve as a membership portal where clients can post “needs statements” that are instantly available for companies as they improve their products and business solutions, General Dynamics said Monday.

It was also designed as a venue for specialists to offer clients guidance and recommendations regarding essential technological requirements for certain industries, projects or contracts.

“GDNexus is a way to match innovative solutions with validated customer requirements,” said Nadia Short, vice president for strategy and business development at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

“With cybersecurity remaining a top priority for our customers, GDNexus allows us to partner with experts from across multiple industries in a controlled, cooperative environment,” Short added.

General Dynamics says a GDNexus team will work to review, evaluate and respond to messages posted in the system in order to ensure that customers are provided with the information that they ask for.

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