Global Aviation & Services Group and SkyLink Aviation Agreement Brings ‘Western Standards’ Aviation Services to “the New Libya”

GA meeting
Prakash Noronha & David Dacquino, Shaking Hands with Capt. A. Aradi & Nouman Nazir

SkyLink Aviation has inked an agreement to deepen its relationship with Global Aviation and Services Group (GASG), a privately-owned Libyan international cargo and passenger airline, in an effort to grow the strength and reach of aviation services in Libya.

The companies have been working together for more than 10 years and their new “national air transportation initiative” will extend aviation services and bring an “upgraded” aviation standard to industries including the nation’s commercial oil and gas operations, according to SkyLink Senior Vice President for Operations Prakash Noronha.

Noronha called that industry “critical” to Libya’s growth and GASG Chairman Capt. A. Aradi praised the ability of the “vital” aviation services to support “the new Libya.”

“This completely changes the level of quality and safety,“ Capt. Aradi added.

David Dacquino - VT Group, ExecutiveMosaic
David Dacquino

David Dacquino, SkyLink President and CEO, stressed such aviation services’ capabilities are needed in order to attract international investment and business to Libya.

“We are opening up regions that desperately need capable aviation companies to come in and help with this vital infrastructure,” Dacquino said.

“Its not just about airlift, which is of course vital. It's also about setting up consistent and reliable and high quality ground support services. Everything from fueling support to remote site setup and management.”

“This is the difference in our level of commitment to our customers and to the mission“”we own it completely and for the long haul,” Dacquino added. “We understand the situation on the ground and manage the risk through experience and relationships with local partners.”


GASG obtained its first Libyan Air Operator Certificate in early 2006 and operates from locations including Tripoli, Ostend, Dubai and Instanbul.

In addition to air transportation, GASG also provides air charter, ground handling, aircraft leasing, refueling and other services.

For its part, SkyLink has been providing aviation-related services for more than 25 years, and has operated in more than 75 countries. Dacquino said establishing staying power is a core goal of the business.”

Its our trademark to understand the situation on the ground, not just fly in and out,” Dacquino said. “Its a big discriminator for SkyLink. We become part of and immerse in the culture and we make lasting friendships that transcend business.”


“We add to the local economy, not take away from it, because it is more that just business for us,” Dacquino added. “We use our talents and experience to diversify to new customers that need us. People look to SkyLink for this leadership and we provide it.“

In Afghanistan, where Toronto-based SkyLink has been active for more than 10 years, several of SkyLink’s Afghan employees have become Canadian citizens. More than 20 nationalities and 18 languages are represented on SkyLink’s team in Afghanistan, where the company matched a mix of cultures with common goals and celebrations during the recent holiday season.

“We absolutely love the diversity of our family,” Dacquino said. “We marry for life!”

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