Leonard Genna: L-3’s Intl Customers Want ‘Live Virtual Constructive’ Tech

L-3 CommL-3 Communications‘ international customers are increasingly seeking to acquire simulation systems that multiple people can participate in as they want to create a virtual battlespace for training, L-3 Link Simulation & Training President Leonard Genna told Defense News in an interview published Monday.

Genna described the goal of the “live virtual constructive” scenarios as being able to simulate how the U.S. and international partners collaborate during war, as well as to facilitate role-playing and mission type training.

“From our perspective, we have more international partners not just looking to buy a simulator, but to have those simulators networked,” Genna told reporter Aaron Mehta.

Nearly two years ago, L-3 sought to grow its footprint in the simulation market by purchasing Thales Training & Simulation Ltd’s civil aircraft simulation and training business for nearly $132 million (click here to read GovCon Wire’s coverage of the transaction and its implications on L-3).

Additionally, Genna also highlighted the role of commercial technology in helping defense customers facilitate and manage their training programs.

“Because of commercial technology, the costs of those training programs have come way down,” Genna said.

“Simulators used to cost tens of millions of dollars. You can now buy them, in some cases, for less than a million. That means more people can get access to training. You can train on an iPad or iPhone or a laptop.”

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