Northrop’s AOA Xinetics Delivers Picture B Primary Mirror for Exoplanet Research

northrop-Grumman_BLUENorthrop Grumman company AOA Xinetics has completed delivery of the primary mirror for University of Massachusetts, Lowell’s Picture B mission.

The goal of Picture B, short for Planet Imaging Coronagraphic Technology Using a Reconfigurable Experimental Base, is to accelerate UMass Lowell’s exoplanet research through accurate dust and debris measurements from nearby stars, Northrop said Thursday.

The 22-inch high-performance, lightweight mirror is made of silicone carbide and has undergone environmental testing ahead of Picture B’s scheduled deployment in the fall.

Supriya Chakrabarti, professor at the university’s Center for Atmospheric Research, heads the group developing the instrumentation for the program.

“AOA Xinetics is very excited to partner with Dr. Chakrabarti and his team on the Picture B mission and proud to be a part of the effort to identify earth-like planets,” said Michael Sheedy, business area manager at AOA Xinetics.

“In our ongoing work supporting coronagraphic missions, we provide the precision optics and optical systems necessary to satisfy some of the most stringent requirements placed on ground- and space-based imaging instruments.”

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