Intel’s Chris Young: Software Updates Could Help Protect Cars from Cyber Threats

Chris Young
Chris Young

Chris Young, senior vice president and general manager of Intel‘s security group, has said in an interview that regular software updates could help safeguard connected automobiles from potential cyber attacks.

“When you find vulnerabilities or things that are wrong, the sooner you can respond and update your software on the device, the better the overall protections there are,” Young told NewsFactor reporter Pete Carey in an interview published Tuesday.

“That’s come out as a best practice.”

Young said the Internet of Things will likely result in what he calls “personalization of computing.”

He also considers a car as a “complex system” that has become a part of the Internet of Things in which a lot of devices come into play.

“The system has to work together so there’s some complexity there, and we’ve connected many of those vehicles to the Internet to provide good navigation experiences,” he said.ADS_cyber_200x200

“The things we’re getting over the next five-10 years will make it better for us users, but there’s a security element that needs to be thought through.”

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