PSC: Congress Should Offer Contractors Reimbursement Funds If Gov’t Shuts Down

budgetThe Professional Services Council has called on Congress to introduce an appropriations bill that would include language to reimburse federal contractors for their support services in the event of a U.S. government shutdown.

PSC President and CEO Stan Soloway said in a letter to the House and Senate Appropriations committees that a law enacted during the 2013 shutdown mandated the Defense Department provide compensation to contractor employees.

That bill did not cover reimbursement of delivered goods and services, Soloway said.

Soloway added the council still expects members of Congress to cooperate with each other to keep the government funded through a regular appropriations bill.

“A long-term continuing resolution complicates agency planning and hampers industry’s ability to support government missions,” the letter stated.

“The challenge of returning to normal operations following a shutdown must not be overlooked.”

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