BAE, Nexter Systems JV Delivers New Cannon System to UK Defense Ministry

Ajax_PlatformCTA International, a joint venture between BAE Systems and Nexter Systems, has delivered a new cannon system to the U.K. defense ministry’s Ajax and Warrior vehicle platforms.

CTAI handed over the first delivery of 515 40-millimeter cannons that fire cased telescoped ammunition, BAE Systems said Monday.

The ammunition is contained in a straight tube and is designed to deliver four times more firepower than the previous 30 mm ammunition, the company added.

BAE manufactured armor-piercing and training ammunition for the Cased Telescoped Cannon System at its facilities in Tyne and Wear and Glascoed in the U.K., while the airburst and point-detonating variants are undergoing qualification tests.

The company said some features of the cannon, which CTAI developed and manufactured, include a higher firing elevation functionality and a sideways-loading ammunition system that works to address the limited space.

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