Christina Back Describes General Atomics Reactor Concept to Senate Subcommittee

General AtomicsChristina Back, lead physicist for General Atomics‘ reactor concept, has testified before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works subcommittee on clean air and nuclear energy.

Back discussed the Energy Multiplier Module reactor concept and the four core challenges that it works to address to aid the modernization of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and progress research for reactors, General Atomics said Thursday.

“We believe every worthy advanced reactor concept must address these four core principles jointly. It is not sufficient to excel at one with disregard to the others,” said Back.

“[The reactor] must produce cost-competitive clean electricity, be safer, produce significantly less waste, and reduce proliferation risk,” she explained.

EM2 looks to meet 21st century needs of the U.S. electrical grid and address plant safety, operability, economics, resource utilization and security through previously discovered concepts in reactor physics, core materials, safety system design and power conversion technology.

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