Phoenix Nuclear Labs to Provide Neutron Radiography, Interrogation Systems to Army

Phoenix Nuclear LabsThe U.S. Army has awarded Phoenix Nuclear Labs multiple contracts worth a total of $3.6 million to create a neutron radiography system that will work to detect defective munitions and explosive threats.

PNL said Tuesday it will supply a pilot-production neutron radiography system to the Army that is designed to produce a higher neutron yield while mitigating safety risks associated with traditional nuclear reactor-produced neutrons.

The system will be the first of its kind to be installed in a munitions production facility and produce digital images to support data analysis, the company added.

PNL noted that the neutron radiography system also works to support the safety and effectiveness of defense and aerospace components such as munitions and composite materials.

The company will also provide the Neutron-Emitting Mobile Explosives Sensing and Identification System, which utilizes a PNL-developed neutron generator technology with active neutron interrogation function to identify mobile explosive threats from standoff distances.

Evan Sengbusch, PNL vice president for business development, said the company’s technologies will work to help warfighters in the field.

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