Newtec to Supply Satellite Modem for Canada’s Auror Aircraft Modernization Efforts

newtec-imageGeneral DynamicsMission Systems-Canada subsidiary has awarded Newtec a contract to provide an ATR-sized airborne modem to Canada in support of the country’s efforts to modernize its CP-140 Aurora patrol aircraft fleet.

Canada’s defense department will install Newtec’s MDM9000 Satellite Modem to the Aurora as part of the military’s Aurora Incremental Modernization Project Block IV program, Newtech said Thursday.

Koen Willems, Newtec market director for government and defense, said the MDM9000 will work to allow high-definition video and sensor data transfer to the Aurora fleet in an effort to aid efficiency and decision making process.

The MDM9000 is equipped with the DVB-S2X and S2 waveforms and FlexACM technology to help link the airborne platform and the DND ground network through High Data Rate, Beyond Line-of-Sight airborne communications.

The system is integrated on both ends of a point-to-point satellite link or remote sites of a star network to assist communications with a similar MDM9000 modem on the ground

Newtec’s modem is DO-160 and MIL-STD 810 accredited and certified to operate on the Wideband Global Satcom constellation.

Newtec also noted the MDM9000 is designed to support a variety of government and defense satellite applications such as intelligence collection, fixed and mobile milsatcom deployments on the WGS and private constellations, as well as integration with terrestrial networks and equipment.

The Aurora aircraft aids the Royal Canadian Air Force during strategic airborne sea and land surface and subsurface, maritime, overland ISR and search and rescue missions.

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