Amazon to Utilize Backup Communications Interface to Defend Delivery Drones Against Attackers

Amazon will implement a first line of control to use a backup communications interface in the defense of delivery drones from jammers, hackers and human attackers, Quartz reported Thursday.

Ananya Bhattacharya writes the system will also utilize a “mesh network” of multiple uncrewed autonomous vehicles to guide a hacked drone to safety and stop hackers that attempt to steal the drone’s carried package.

The report noted that the company also looks to detect red flags through the exchange of data between multiple drones from an array of sensors such as directional antennas and optical directors to address issues such as when UAVs veer off its intended course.

The company has also established measures against potential attackers that attempt to physically knock drones from out of the sky with the use of weapons such as a bow and arrow, the report added.

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